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Wool Wrap Coat Outfits

When the temperatures drop, all you want to do is feel warm and cozy. But is that enough? Sometimes, I wonder, is it possible to feel warm and fashionable at the same time. After doing so much research into fashion ideas and outfit combinations, I got the answer. Of course it is! That is why I present you the pillar of an ideal winter outfit – wool wrap coat.

Wrapping yourself up like a tortilla is a great thing to do in winter. You already know how much I love wrap dresses, but what about the coats? Well, wool wrap coat is a fabulous, stylish, and most importantly, very comfortable piece of clothing that will soon become your favorite background piece.
I found a lot of fashion girls love this piece and I decided to show you how to recreate the style. From now on!

Camel wool wrap coat

Camel wrap coat
Did you know that camel cancels any outfit combination? It gives them a certain luxurious look that is perfect for both day and night events.
This outfit is great for business and casual city events. Wrap coat makes you warm, while the black slippers make your feet comfortable. Black and camel are a great combination. So be sure to put on short jeans and a fedora hat.

Camel Vanja wool wrap coat
Another example of how to warm up on cold winter days. Wrap in a wool wrap coat! It’s that simple. This blogger opted for an oversized black scarf for extra warmth.
When it comes to shoes, you can go for white superstars or black block heeled ankle boots.

Wool wrap scarf
I can well remember that runway show when Burberry showed us how to wear scarves over coats. Instead of wrapping it around your neck, you can style it like the girl in the photo above.
She decided on the matching camel, but you can opt for a colored or patterned one.

Classic camel wrap coat
This coat has a classic cut, but you can wrap it too. You can always wear it with two tone slingback shoes, like this girl, or you can go for super high heels. This coat is very versatile. You can wear it for many different occasions.
I think some clothes are in your closet to last for many, many years. This coat can be one of these garments.

Black camel wool wrap coat
Camel wool wrap coat can be your best friend when it comes to pairing it with black and white staples. These thin black jeans are the perfect piece of clothing for everyday wear, while the boots are suitable for both elegant and casual events. Try styling your black jeans with the simple white top and little white pocket.

Black wool wrap coat

Black wool wrap coat
Giorgia Tordini loves clean and polished cuts, so I am not surprised that I see her in this perfectly cut black wrap coat.
She kept this outfit low-key and only added black details like the clutch. Retro sunglasses are practically their trademark. You can opt for this coat when you are going to more formal events, dinners or business meetings. Have your little black dress seen below and you will rock this look.

Woolen wrap coat black royal
Future royal family member and actress Meghan Markle wears this lovely black wool wrap coat with Chelsea boots and black pants. She chose a combination of black and all. The only detail she added was this cute shopping bag in emerald green color.

Gray wool wrap coat

Wool wrap coat gray camel mix
For many years I was chased by one question – should or should I combine or mix camel and gray? At first I didn’t like the result. It felt weird wearing those two sunglasses. I don’t know why, but I started avoiding gray things and only picked up beige, brown, and camel-like.
However, do not follow me as I seem to have been wrong. There is nothing terrible mixing these colors together and you can tell by this lovely coat and sweater combo.

Wool wrap coat metallic shoes
This is another excellent gray coat. It is perfectly combined with metallic ankle boots and short jeans. Alexa Chung is known for her quintessentially British style, so her shoe choice isn’t surprising. Metallic was and will be a major trend this year. Make sure your wardrobe has some shiny details.

Wrap coat made of burgundy wool

Burgundy wool wrap coat
If you want a coat of many different colors and shades then let burgundy be one of them.
Burgundy works well with many colors, but never as well as with black. Even simple black outfits get a new look with burgundy details.

Brown wool wrap coat

Brown wool wrap coat
Brown is one of my favorite colors, no doubt about it. It’s versatile and works with almost any other shade. This coat is soft but looks very warm. You can wear it with jeans, dresses or skirts. Its length is perfect for colder days.

Checkered wool wrap coat

Checkered wool wrap coat
Checkered coats were a big hit in street style. All the girls were crazy about them. This print wasn’t just on the coats, however. It was literally everywhere.
That is why there were so many plaid coats in the stores. If you’ve already bought one, good for you! If it’s wool wrap coat too, you’ve got a winner.

Wool wrap coat retro
If you prefer something classic and retro then this coat is for you.
It has a plaid pattern while the cut is a little oversized. You can style it with black ankle boots and black backpack bag. This look is the perfect choice for everyday occasions.

Wrap coat made of olive-green wool

Wool wrap coat, olive green
Supermodel Karlie Kloss wears this long wool wrap coat with jeans and sneakers. It looks very casual and relaxed. This look is perfect for everyday events like a cup of coffee or a simple walk with your dog. Karlie remains reserved with a classic black turtleneck and retro sunglasses.

Hope you enjoyed this list of outfits that I have prepared for you. Be sure to read all of the other outfit ideas and style guides we’ve prepared.

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