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Window or Balcony Plants Decoration Ideas

Window or Balcony Plants Decoration Ideas

With the world taking a renewed interest in green living, people come up with creative ideas to increase the number of green spaces in and around our homes. Decoration for balcony plants has recently become one of the most popular ideas in this regard. People all over the world who previously could not garden because of their limited garden space are now turning their balconies into gardens. It is a new idea to take nature into your home. Having a green space in your home can be very refreshing. Balcony gardens can become your green retreat after a hard day at work. It is not necessary to have a large balcony or window space for the planting ideas to take shape. In fact, if you use your space wisely, you can create a lush appearance on your balcony that competes with the largest garden.

However, there are many factors to consider before you realize your decoration ideas for balcony plants. These include space, light and exposure, and how much time, energy and money you want to spend. Another factor is the amount of sun your balcony or window space gets and your climatic conditions. There are also different types of plants that need different types of care and attention. Before deciding which plants you want to grow, do a thorough study of your area's climate. Also, find out what plant types you can grow in your area and what things these plants need. Based on these factors and your preferences, you can either create a complicated and maintained balcony garden or a relatively simple and low maintenance garden.

Use plants to decorate your living room: It makes your room fresher and close to nature. You can in many ways just go to a botanist and ask for some information.

Always choose your window blinds wisely: as they become the focal point of all rooms when installed. You have to be very precise when choosing a perfect curtain for your window. Experts say always use the maximum height of the wall for you to get big. Same with color choose a light color for small apartment and dark for large homes.

{1} Classic pot roll decoration

classic houseplant decoration
Classic balcony decoration in a D.C Condo Town AE Design | Photo of ELK Studios
The simplest and easiest way to create a garden on your balcony is the use of houseplants. Choose plants that grow comfortably in a pot. Choose the size of the pots according to the plants you choose. You can use pots with a uniform pattern for a simple and organized garden. But you can also mix and match large and small pots to create an interesting garden. Do not hesitate to place these pots in your garden according to your taste and style. You need to take care of the plants and maintain the necessary climatic conditions for them to grow and flourish.

{2} Pots and plants for balcony garden

pots and planters for balcony garden
If you have a large enough balcony to hold pots as well as planters, you should definitely try the above type of design. You can grow different types of plants in planters and pots for different. Placing your pots in the corners and plants near the railings gives the garden a uniform and organized look. Getting pots and planters of the same size and design also gives a visual appeal to your balcony plant decorations.

{3} Hanging pots and plants for balcony

hanging pots and planter balcony
Balcony for children at La Lagune, Gurgaon av Studio Earth Box
This beautiful garden dish is really a perfect mix and match of different garden ideas. The wooden platform divides the garden into two sections. The decoration of the white stones gives a visual interest and also marks the garden border. The far ends of the balcony have wooden plants that grow different shrubs. It also has hangers for hanging pots with ornamental plants. The holders mounted on the balcony railings contain planters with flowering plants. The houseplants are placed against the railing on a stone of pebbles to give a true garden effect. A small ottoman and side table on the lawn complete the look. The different plants add color and beauty to the place.

{4} Window Pots Shelf Decoration

window pots shelf decoration
The window shelf plants the shelf A beautiful mess
Another way to get an indoor garden is to decorate the windows with plant decorations. a small shelf in the window with room to hold some houseplants is also enough for a simple and beautiful garden. You should choose a window that receives plenty of sunlight. You can look for small pots and succulents or small plants that do not grow to high heights. These plants will look good and add color to the site. They will also be easy to care for and maintain.

{5} Colorful vertical garden with houseplants

colorful vertical garden with houseplants
Combine different color flowers and hang them on the wall
This creative vertical garden concept can really lift out your balcony. It can save ground space and at the same time utilize the vertical space on your balcony. The wooden shelf with pot holders melts into the brick wall which puts the colorful pots and their plants in focus. The greenery of the plants and the white lilies also add some color to the place. The creative design and the colorful arrangement give visual interest to the balcony.

{6} Simple plants with large balcony

large balcony simple plants decor
Simple plants decoration for Lafayette Residence in Irving Park Village JALA | Photo of Stacey Van Berkel
This balcony has a large and wide space for a beautiful garden. But this large space is kept relatively free and the design is kept simple so that the family can enjoy an open, airy and calm atmosphere. The big plants are eyeing them. The small plants in the back balance the arrangement. This simple arrangement highlights the beautiful architecture of the house. The different plants are far apart but still add color and charm to the place.

{7} Cabinet shelf for plants

cabinet for plants
Decorate small balconies to use all available space home design
If you have a small empty shed or cupboard-like area on your balcony, you can use it to create a shelf for shade-loving plants. These plants are easy to grow and maintain and do not need much sunlight. They will grow nicely in the shady alcove and also add some greenery and color to your balcony. The rest of the balcony is now free to set up a small sitting area where you can relax and enjoy nature. This design idea is best for people who do not want to cover the entire balcony in plants but still want a greener place to relax.

{8} Colorful window garden

colorful window garden
flower Window
If you have a little space outside the window to hold pots and planters, this idea can turn your dull window into a place full of color and charm. By adding a planter to the ledge, you can get enough space to comfortably grow the plants. Growing flowering plants enhance the window and the house. By adding hanging pots to the top of the window you can grow creepers that will climb down and add beauty and charm to your window.

{9} Balcony garden shelf

table shelf for balcony garden
Summer growth ideas of The joy of the plants
It is not necessary to bring in supplies such as shelves and cabinets to decorate your balcony garden. You can use everything you have. This balcony uses tables as a shelf to hold plants in a corner. A small table is stacked on a larger one to give a shelf-like effect. Small pots are kept on this while the larger pots are kept on the ground. This collects all plants in one corner and leaves the rest of the balcony free for other use.

{10} Window Planner Shelf Decoration

window planters shelf decoration
Window Box Planter Herbs Via Martha Stewart
This simple kitchen garden uses the extra space outside the window as a planter for small herbs and plants. This window garden is small but efficient. For such a garden you should choose a window that gets enough sunlight. You should also be able to reach it easily to water the plants. You can also grow some flowering plants for decoration. Although this design is most often used to grow herbs for the kitchen garden. These herbs can easily be grown together as they need less space and complement each other.

{11} Decoration for balcony plant cabinets

balcony plants container decoration
A greenhouse for your balcony off remodelista
This stunning balcony garden is as effective as it is simple. The white cupboard is perfect for keeping a variety of houseplants in one area. Many small houseplants are stored in the shelf in the cabinet. The other side has two large houseplants. A table stacked against the balcony contains more flowering plants. This arrangement makes the balcony look even more spacious and organized. The wooden floor gives a rustic charm to the place. The white chair and houseplants offer a nice contrast.

{12} Small balcony garden decor

Small balcony garden decor
Wrought iron balcony with plants Via Donna Corless
Having a small balcony should not deter you from trying to create your own garden. This beautiful balcony garden uses every inch of its very small space. Potted plants fill the ground around the balcony railing. These plants include climbers who climb down from balcony balconies and further contribute to the beauty of the garden. Also, various climbers climb the balcony railing which covers the railing and seems to fall down. The various flowers also add color and charm to the little place. The climber plants over the balcony door to make it look like a huge basket of flowers hanging from the wall.

{13} Window board shelves decoration

window sill shelves decoration
This idea of ​​placing a shelf in the window to create a window garden is really creative. A long window with little space is perfect for this type of garden. You can mount glass shelves for decorative purposes and place your houseplants on these shelves. However, one thing you need to take care of is the size of the pots. The pots should have the size and weight that your shelves can carry. So you can't grow any large shrubs or plants in this kind of garden.

{14} Colorful balcony plants and furniture

colorful balcony plants and furniture
This colorful balcony garden is truly a charming and bright space. The purple mat gives the mood for this setting and anchors the bright colors of the flower. The various white, purple and pink flowers really lift the atmosphere on the balcony. The colorful furniture further adds to the bright and cheerful atmosphere of the place. The leafy greenery balances the colors and also keeps the place from becoming too colorful.

{15} Decoration for hanging plants for balcony

balcony railing hanging plants decoration
Flowers on balcony ideas Via Pinterest
Even balconies with almost no space can still have plant decorations that can be simple, attractive and space saving. There are hanging planters that you can hang on the railing. Growing several flowers together in a small space allows you to bring color and variety to your little garden. Leaves green balance the different colors.

{16} Window garden for giant flower basket

giant flower basket window garden
The world's largest hanging flower basket in Hotel Indigo Via Gästfrihetsnät| Photo by Ken Lennox
Admittedly, it's not something many of us can do at home, but I just couldn't help adding this beautiful image to our collection here! Don't you think it would be amazing to do something similar, not on such a large scale, but on a smaller scale (okay on a much smaller scale!), On our own balconies or windows. Creating a flower basket type with large chain appearance and a large hook and planting a large variety of colorful flowers and green plants in the balcony garden would really make you the center of attention in your area. You can also have a wide variety of flowering and non-flowering climbers and let them grow and climb down the railings to look like a crowded flower basket.

{17} Vertical garden wall in balcony

Vertical garden wall in balcony
Hygro wall from vertical green Via Home and decor
This is a very interesting and creative idea for decoration of balcony plants. A single large wall in the corner of the balcony is used to grow plants while the rest of the balcony is free for other uses. This style is most favorable in a minimalist interior design. Creeper and climber plants are the most suitable for this style of balcony gardening. If you mix up the flowering and non-flowering creeks of this wall construction, you can give a really interesting and colorful garden design. Adding some plants with different colored leaves will also enhance the appearance of this vertical garden wall.

{18} Arrangements for creative balcony plants

creative balcony plants arrangement
Roof garden design of Harrison Landscape Architecture
If you have a large balcony space that you want to use as a green refuge, this planting style is something you should definitely try. Growing two plants together in the same planter is not only efficient and space-saving, but also very vibrant and attractive. You can also get creative and grow branches around bushy bushes to get an artistic design. Although you have to make sure that the plants you grow together complement each other and that one of them does not overshadow the other when you grow together.

{19} Window flower decoration

window flower box decoration
If you have a large window that gets a lot of light, you can extend the window sill a bit and turn it into a planter to get this flower box effect. This type of arrangement does not leave much room for cultivation of many varieties. So choose your plants carefully and make sure they can grow together without overshadowing each other. Mowers along the box railing and crawling down from it give a garden-like effect. In addition, the climbers who spread across the window boundaries give the window a whimsical appeal.

{20} Window hanging plants decoration

window hanging plants decoration
Lauren and Chad's Home tour off Apartment Therapy | online Shop
This planting idea is both creative and beautiful. Arranging plants on a three-part semi-circular shelf in the corner of the windows is really a very smart idea. Small shrubs are kept in the upper shelves while the lower shelf holds the larger plants. Another interesting and creative thing in this arrangement is the beautiful hangers for the different plant sizes that hang close to the window. These hangers are eye-catching and stylish and lift up the entire decoration. They also give the design a modern look.

{21} Traditional design with large balcony plants

traditional large balcony design
Classic balcony off Pierre Berdoulat
This contemporary design is a collection of different decoration ideas for balcony plants put together to create an attractive and welcoming balcony garden. A large balcony also makes it possible to use many different planting decorations such as large planters, vertical planting shelves etc. in this space. The obvious lack of many flowering plants does not make this place less attractive. In fact, the use of different colorful trees and shrubs together with the different shades of green make this garden a pleasant, peaceful and inviting place.

{22} Corner Plants Garden Decoration

corner plants garden decoration
Apartment balcony garden at Studio Earthbox
This modern balcony garden is truly a green haven in every sense. The abundance of green plants and grass planted on the floor makes this place a calm and refreshing look. Wooden planters go well with the natural atmosphere. The hanging plants look attractive and also give visual interest. The different colored plants make the place look colorful and lively. Pushing the planters in one corner and using the rest of the grassy balcony as a relaxing retreat is truly a smart and creative idea.

{23} Hanging pots and wall garden

indoor hanging pots and wall garden
Vertical Garden Installation Melbourne City garden Beets
Even a closed balcony like the one shown here can have an indoor garden which is beautiful as well as space saving. A wall shelf full of many different types of plants looks striking in the middle of the minimal decor. It attracts attention and allows us to grow varieties of plants together without looking messy or chaotic. The hanging plants also provide a visual appeal. The lighting certainly illuminates the plants and improves the calm effect of the walled garden.

{24} Modern balcony garden design

modern balcony garden design
Rustic French cottage theme of living Gaia
This modern balcony plants decoration mimics a real garden remarkably well. The faux grass gives the look of a real garden to the site. This makes the garden seem separate from the seating area in the corner. The plants are pushed against the balcony railing and keep the space empty. This further enhances the balcony's garden-like appeal. The whole place looks like a quiet and welcoming area in the house.

{25} Decoration for eclectic balcony plants

eclectic balcony plants decoration
A balcony garden in Mumbai Village Ariyona Interiors | Photo of Rittika Chokhany
The colorful and eclectic interiors of the house are also reflected in this balcony garden design. A large amount of houseplants placed along the balcony's borders gives the area a natural appeal. The different colors of the flowering plants also complement the colorful seating arrangements. In addition, the vintage bench adorned with multicolored decorative pillows and antique side tables gives the place an ethnic appeal. The wall decorations further add to this look. The wicker chairs also contribute to the natural garden look. The climbers in the hangers separate the area and make it a real green haven for the owners.

{26} Industrial shelf vertical garden

industrial shelf vertical garden
Industrial balcony design Melbourne | Photo of Kate Hansen
The industrial design style of the rest of the house is also reflected in this vertical garden. Industrial-style iron shelf looks like something saved from an old warehouse. The design goes well with the rest of the house. The houseplants have plenty of room to grow and flourish. The simple design and colors of the kettle enhance the natural appeal of the garden. The tree trunk used as the shelf for more pots gives the garden a rustic charm.

{27} Minimal balcony plants decoration

minimal balcony plants decoration
Scandinavian balcony Stockholm by Alexander White | Photo by Henrik Nero
Sometimes when you do not want an abundance of plants on your balcony but still want some greenery, the minimalist garden design is what you should go for. This design uses a limited number of plants that are effective in giving you the green cover without much effort. For the most part bushy bushes are used for this effect. By using this design you can have some pots placed on one side of the balcony for that garden appeal while you have a seating arrangement on the other side. Wooden furniture looks best with all plants in the area, but you can also add a splash of color with some colorful chairs or pillows.

{28} Modern furniture balcony garden

modern furniture balcony garden
Modern balcony Studio Marco Piva | Photo of Andrea Martiradonna
This balcony garden also follows the minimalist design. There are some houseplants located separately and all over the balcony. The rest of the space is used for seating. Mature furniture looks best with this kind of planting decorations. It gives the whole environment a modern appeal. Having a potted plant near your seat also gives you the feeling of being in nature without having a whole lot of plants surrounding you. Those people who do not have much time to care for an entire garden should go to this type of balcony garden design because it is easy to maintain.

{29} Symmetrical pots and built-in planters

symmetrical pots and built-in planters
A small space with a large potential photo of Meero
This symmetrical balcony garden design is simple and beautiful. Wooden floors give the balcony a natural appeal. There are built-in planters on both sides of the balcony that have a variety of colorful, flowering and non-flowering plants growing in them. The space in the middle is decorated with large planters placed at regular intervals to give the whole place an organized look. The plants on both sides and the arrangement of pots are a perfect example of achieving symmetry in your garden design.

{30} Scandinavian minimalism in the balcony garden

Scandinavian minimalism in balcony garden
Scandinavian House Sold by Entrance to Real Estate Brokerage
This balcony design is an example of implementation of Scandinavian minimalism in garden design. It is not only the number of plants that are limited in this design, the furniture is also minimal and functional. This design fits best on a small balcony but can also look good in a larger environment. Colorful and flowering plants are usually chosen to get some color on the spot. Jute rugs and wicker baskets look best in such an environment.

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