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Useful Kitchen Tools and Equipment

Useful Kitchen Tools and Equipment

The heart of every home is the kitchen. This is where most people start the day by drinking a mug of coffee or a glass of juice. It is incredibly important, an equipped kitchen for every home. A kitchen needs different tools and equipment. To make your cooking easier, you need proper cooking tools and equipment. In general, kitchen utensils and appliances are in three categories. These are:


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  1. Large appliances: Microwave, range for cooking, refrigerator etc.
  2. Small appliances: Mixers, food processors, toasters etc.
  3. Utensils: Cookware, pots, knives etc.

In this guide we will share different types of kitchen utensils and equipment and their use. And for different purposes different tools are used. Let's get into the discussion then …

Various kitchen utensils and equipment

Kitchen cutting tools –

When it comes to cooking, you may need to cut fruits or vegetables, fish or meat, but cutting tools make your work easier. Different types of cutting tools are available for the kitchen. These tools help reduce your effort and time and make your cutting process easy.



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Every perfect kitchen needs a good quality chef's knife. Most of your cutting makes a chef's knife and the knife makes your job easier. You can chop, dice and cut vegetables or fruits or meat or fish properly with a sharp knife. Always buy high quality knives for your kitchen.

Cutting Board

cutting board

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Even if you have the best knife in your kitchen, if you do not have a cutting board, your kitchen is not complete. Without a cutting board, where should you chop or cut vegetables or other foods? Wood, glass and plastic – three types of cutting boards are available. A wooden cutting board is the best for all kitchens.

Peeler and scissors

Peeler and scissors

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Another must-have kitchen tool is a peeler. It is used to peel vegetables or fruits. One of the culinary tools is scissors. A couple of knives and scissors can do most cutting tasks for your kitchen.

Other kitchen equipment –

In a kitchen, from washing to chopping, different work has to be done. You need other cooking equipment to cook.

Spoon and spatula and seaweed

Spoon and spatula and seaweed

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Without spoons and spatulas and tongs, your kitchen is not complete. Wood and slots – two types of spoons are available. Wooden spoons are usually used for stirring hot foods and for mixing. And to separate the solid foods from the liquids and to stir food, the slotted spoon is used.

Like a wooden spoon, the spatula works. And it works better if you get a silicone spatula for you. Usually, lifting spatulas works well. When buying a spatula, rather than a thicker one, choose a thin spatula in the front.

In a frying pan / frying pan, seaweed is used to turn thick meat or lift things out of the water. Buy the pliers of silicone as they are best, and your pots will not be damaged.

Measure cups and spoons

Spoon and spatula and seaweed

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If you want to create a delicious food, measuring cups and spoons are very important. If you do not have the exact measurement ingredients, your baking is not perfect. Measuring cups helps you measure sweeteners, spices, seeds or flour.



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For all small to medium-sized drainage jobs, light mesh filters are perfect. On the strainer just add some defrosting shrimp or beans and then over these ingredients drain water. You can use this for any vegetable or fish or meat as well.



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A grater is simply perfect for all flavorful ingredients, you can also grate the toughest cheese in it. You can shred apples, carrots or potatoes. You can use this for citrus peel and you can grate garlic or ginger in it.


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When you need to combine different ingredients, you need a mixing bowl. A good quality mixing bowl is large enough that a large number of ingredients can be used in it.



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Cookery is very important for a kitchen. Buy at least two pots for your kitchen. You can buy different sizes of pots for more flexibility in your kitchen. Depending on the stove you have, you have to buy pans.

Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

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You can use a rice cooker to cook rice. This makes rice easy and fast for you. In a rice cooker you can also cook a variety of whole grains. This is another important kitchen tool you can use.

Microwave oven

Microwave oven

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Everyone we know about a microwave oven. This helps to warm the food easily. But you can use your microwave oven as a cooking tool. You can make grilled chicken or cake in it and much more food in it.

Slow cooker

Slow cooker

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Another important kitchen equipment is a slow cooker. You can cook traditional stews, gourmet oatmeal, soft meats or delicious soups in a slow cooker. Making food is easy in that. You just need to add the ingredients and then put them on. Hours later you have your food ready to eat.



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A wok is really good for frying. Choose a non-stick wok for your kitchen, as it is perfect for home cooking.

Instant Pot

instant pot

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This kitchen tool is like a pressure cooker. You can cook yogurt and rice in the instant pot. An immediate pot is called a versatile pot. If you are new to cooking or if you do not have enough time to cook then add an instant pot to your kitchen soon.



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To make some liquids, a mixer is best. This is one of the must have kitchen equipment. If you are a juice or smoothie lover, you need to find out best mixer for smoothies. When you have a good quality mixer it is easier to enjoy your favorite drinks. In addition, a high quality mixer can do a lot for you. It can chop vegetables for you, you can grind all the spices in it, you can cook hot soups in a mixer, you can also make pizza or bread dough in your mixer. A single device can do a lot. This is great, isn't it?



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Another important kitchen tool is a mixer. If you love to bake, there is no alternative to this tool. Hand mixer and stand mixer – these are the two types of mixers. Choose the one that matches your needs.

Food processor

One of the most versatile kitchen utensils is a food processor. For the busiest people or people who cook every day for 2 or 4 people, for them this is the most necessary kitchen utensil. People are now so busy with their work, they do not have enough time to cook. But a food processor helps cook easily and quickly. In a food processor you can make all frozen desserts, baby food, you can make your favorite nut or seed butter, you can cook hot or cold soup and many more. It can also be used to chop vegetables or fruits.

The last words

A kitchen is where you make meals for yourself or for your family. These were some must-have tools that you should have in your kitchen. These tools make your cooking life easier than before. However, other kitchen utensils and equipment are – baking sheet, whisk, pots, oven gloves, kitchen tool organizers, Dutch oven, can opener, ladle, refrigerator, masher, rolling pin, container, plastic wrap, colander, toaster, cast iron skillings, etc. See more information on kitchens Architecture Designs.

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