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Unique Worktops

Unique Worktops

Currently, the market has many design variants when it comes to kitchen countertops, and each one of them can add some character to your space. But if you want a unique look that is also very functional: your choices really narrow.

After all, it's not just about finding one that fits your color scheme or other materials; it is so much more than that. There are many other features to consider in this matter. Can this selection of unique countertops help you find new designs to choose from. Consider one (or two) of the following design options:

{1} The recycled wood

The recycled wood
If you prefer to keep your decor minimal and grounded, why not choose a smooth wood worktop. Stick to your theme by adding wooden accessories that are also functional, such as those in the photo. All in all, the recycled wood worktop looks very charming.

{2} Two-in-one purpose

Two-in-One object
Utilize the purpose of your kitchen island by using it as a bar as well. The combination of two features allows the chef to multi-task, especially when hosting any kind of collection. The split worktop is the perfect unit for you.

{3} The glass function

glass feature
This fantastic countertop is made entirely of sturdy glass. It is a wonderful and subtle structure that makes it a breathtaking feature for both bathrooms and kitchens. Its elegant surface is really accentuated with the help of some LED lights placed under the surface for that extra "wow" sort of vibe.

{4} You should try concrete

You should try concrete
For the rustic type of look, a kitchen countertop in concrete, it would be a perfect choice. It is strong and durable, resistant to scratches and the surface material can easily blend in with other objects and decor features.

{5} Go for a great quartz

Go for a great quartz
Quartz countertops have always been a fantastic material. If you want to get a unique look in your kitchen, choose a glowing countertop like this; it is an ultimate contemporary feature. This white quartz has a subtle pattern, so when it is integrated with some light. it will create a calm look that is completely unmatched.

{6} Multi-function area

Multifunctional Area
Another practical and functional idea is to add an extension to your kitchen countertop. For example, this unique countertop has a small breakfast nook attached to the island. This makes it easier for the whole family to bond and enjoy the conversation early in the morning while the chef prepares breakfast. You can easily turn this into your dining area too!

{7} High-tech designs

High-tech designs
If you are a fan of sophisticated gadgets and modern innovations, this design is really for you. These interactive countertops will surely catch technology enthusiasts as it makes cooking more enjoyable. This unit has an integrated tablet (yes, in the worktop itself), as well as a slider. Great, right?

{8} Use the coins

Use the coins
Yes, you guessed it right. This countertop was integrated with coins. Now it is really something different. If you are a skilled DIY type person who does not care about putting hundreds of pennies in a wooden worktop, go ahead and try this unique worktop project.

{9} The minimalist look

The minimalist look
If you want a minimalist style in your kitchen space, then a wooden worktop such as this would surely be a fantastic design feature. With its edges untreated and patterns of the wood grain still in sight, this countertop has the natural look that other materials cannot achieve.

{10} Recycled material

The recycled material
Recycled countertops in glass are just as they sound like; they are surface materials made of recycled glass. It consists of old glass materials such as windows, bottles and beakers that were crushed into small pieces and either held together by means of a binder or embedded in concrete. It's environmentally friendly, plus a nice feature to have in your space!

Test these unique ideas for the countertop to maximize the potential of your kitchen area.

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