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Small Living Room Decorating Ideas on a

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas on a Budget


You love spending your lazy weekends in your living room by reading a book of coffee in your hand. But does your living room seem a bit boring today?

Wouldn't it be so much better if you could improve your little little place with all these good looks home decoration ideas?

small living room

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You may be thinking about decorating your living room, but then you have a low budget which always makes you turn off the idea. Well, you don't have to compromise anymore because we will give you some great little living room decorations on a budget.

So, without wasting time, let's explore all the opportunities you have within a very affordable budget.

Small living room decorating ideas on a budget

Using random stylish items and expensive furniture will not necessarily enhance the beauty of your living room. To decorate your place with a firm budget on your hand, you have to be pretty creative with what you have. That's why we provide some pretty cool ideas that can help you a lot when decorating your living room.

Re-adjust the old furniture

small living room

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Instead of spending your money on buying new furniture, you can always try to adjust what you already have. You can also change the position of your sofa or change the location of your tea table. Although it seems very small, these changes will have a very powerful impact on the overall appearance of your living room.

Test artwork on the wall

small living room

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Bored with the same old solid color wall in your living room? Well, why don't you try to put some artwork on them? Sounds complicated, right? Do not give sweat. Making small works of art is quite easy to do. However, it may take some time to keep up with it.

Quirky paintings

small living room

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It is a brilliant idea to decorate the walls by painting some odd patterns yourself. If you do not like too much color on your wall, you can always keep it simple by applying clean colors and patterns. This idea is cheap, easy and very fast. So you should try this.

Adding plants

small living room

source: mydomaine.com

What could be better than decorating your living room with a little greenery? It is light, economical and exceptionally soothing for your eyes. You can have many options to choose from. Therefore, go ahead and choose the type of greenery that best suits your room.

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Test different carpet combinations

small living room

source: thespruce.com

Carpets are one of the most common things you can get in your living room. These rugs can be layered and sorted in many ways. By placing the right combination of rugs you can greatly enhance the beauty of your living room. Therefore, balance the entire look of your room by choosing the perfect combination of rugs.

Playing with the lights

small living room

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You can never skip the weight of light when it comes to decorating any room. Whether it's a soft cozy look or even a colorful, bold look, light can make a big impact. Note the directions and decide where you need to place the lights. By changing the intensity and amount you can create different views.

Photographs compositions

small living room

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Do you remember the pictures you kept aside to hang on the wall? It's just the right time to take them out. Test different compositions and play with your photographs. You can hang them up and create your own little photo gallery too.

Planned splurge

small living room

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To maintain a budget, you must limit yourself from spending too much. But does that mean you can't buy something expensive or high quality? Obviously not! All you have to do is plan the items you want to buy. Combine the expensive products with some cheap products to tag. Thus, you can save costs greatly.


So many ideas in such a fantastic budget, right? You may even be confused about what to try first. Don't worry, there's nothing to rush things out. Sit down and sort out an overview of your work according to these decoration ideas. Not only that, you can also add your own idea by experimenting as you please. Don't hesitate to ask your friends for advice too.

So use the guidelines and turn your living room into the cozy little corner you've always admired to have, and see more ideas at ARCHITECTURUTIKEN.

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