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Red Platform Heels Outfit Ideas

Red Platform Heels Outfit Ideas

When it comes to shoe trends, they are always changing. However, you can also find that trends are returning too. The good example of this are pumps, block heels and kitten heels. They’ve been gone for a while, but all the girls wore them again this past season of fashion! Some of the shoe trends are there forever, and I think platform heels are one of them. Therefore, in this post we will restore our knowledge of how to wear red platform heels.

Platform heels in general have been on trend for a while. After a few years of rule, these heels disappeared. However, last year in street style fashion I noticed a lot of girls wearing red platform heels. If you still have a pair of your heels, take them out of the closet and scroll down to see how to combine them with other staples.

Street style wear with red platform sandals

red platform heels street style green jacket
The emerald green printed puffer jacket is a very trendy basic item that you can wear with wide or straight jeans. If you want to style it with red sandals, don’t worry about colors. Surprisingly, emerald green and coral red work perfectly when combined in a combination. This combination is perfect for going out or for casual meetings. Remember: platform heels are more comfortable than others.

red platform heels street style velvet
Velvet boots look very luxurious and elegant. However, they are perfect for many different occasions. You can wear them for both casual and elegant events. In combination with a leather mini skirt and a striped black and white button-down, they get a sophisticated and chic look. This combination is an amazing mix of materials that you will love.

red platform heel colorful skirt
Layers make this outfit interesting. The long black top covers a patterned midi skirt. Although the skirt is very interesting and eye-catching, the sandals are the ones that make a statement. They are colorful and have a platform that makes them comfortable. Put a gold choker around the turtleneck if you want your outfit to be even more interesting.

red platform heels color block
Rule the world with these fantastic block heel platforms. Mira Duma combines the retro look in the best possible way with these colorful sandals. The leather coat with a burgundy handbag presents classic and quite elegant clothes, while the shoes are very modern and unique. This outfit is an excellent work wear Inspo.

red platform heels yellow shorts
This is hands down one of the most casual outfits in this post. It is ideal for everyday use as well as for hot summer nights. The dark blue blazer is combined with a white top. The exciting staple, however, are the yellow printed shorts. It makes a statement and goes perfectly with red platform heels. Add a blue bag and bracelet to complete this look.

red platform heels crochet blouse
As you can see, many girls combine yellow and red. It may seem surprising, but actually it is fascinating. Here we have printed a mini skirt together with the yellow crochet sweater. It goes very well with coral red platform heels. This outfit is ideal for vacation and hot summer night.

red platform heels black red
Black and red are one of those combinations that you can style for any occasion. If you want to make a statement with your black coat, just buy a ruffle! This one has an A-line cut and cute gold buttons. Red open toe platforms with a strap around the leg wrist. This look is perfect for casual occasions, meetings, coffee with friends, or dinner.

red platform heels everything red everything
And now it’s time for a completely red look. Red is a very elegant and sophisticated color, but it is suitable for any occasion. This red coat is beautiful and looks a lot like work clothes. Pair it with a little black or red dress and red platform heels for a great outfit for work hours.

red platform heels skinny jeans
Finally, you can style your red platforms with simple but very important skinny jeans. This outfit is great for everyday wear, college or after work coffee with friends. The striped top and dark blue blazer are great staples that you can wear to many different occasions and never look boring.

red platform heels made of satin
On the other hand, satin platforms are something that is not suitable for every day. You should keep them for special and elegant outfits and occasions. The best way to style them is in a pants suit and white button down. This outfit is very polished and sophisticated.

red platform heels red cardigan
Black tube dress combined with a red printed cardigan looks very casual and relaxed. Although these platforms are very tall, they seem comfortable. The porters make them attractive. The big black bag is perfect to put all your stuff in (you know what I’m talking about, girl).

Socks and red platform heels

red platform heels socks sandals
I know there is a lot of debate about wearing socks with sandals. I have to admit one thing though – it looks incredibly trendy. These gray socks go perfectly with these platforms as well as this pink skirt. Cold weather is no longer an excuse for not wearing sandals!

matching red Paltform heels socks
If you’re still skeptical about socks but want to try, I have a solution. Combine the color of your socks with sandals! You will barely be seen wearing socks and you will try anyway. Be creative; It’s always interesting to play with fashion styles.

red platform heels Leandra
You know Leandra Medine and her passion for unusual outfit combinations. She mixes patterns, colors and styles in her own perfect way. This look has the vibe of the 60s, with a checked blazer and socks combined with sandals. You can try it too!

red platform heels white socks
If you want to go extreme, combine snow-white socks with red platform heels. You will have a stunning outfit while remaining very trendy and stylish. Red goes perfectly with navy blue. So be sure to combine them.

These were some of the outfit ideas on how to wear red platform heels. As you can see they came back through the big door last year even though they disappeared for a while and now they are here to stay.
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