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Quilted Bedspreads

Quilted Bedspreads

We design our house to look beautiful and make it comfortable for our peace of mind. Both design and comfort continue to evolve, and everyone adopts them to their liking. There is always room for change and improvement in your home, take some ideas on architecture design, better to keep up with the flow and new trends. Some trend does not always hold, it continues to change from time to time, but there is something that really hits, it lasts a bit longer than other trends, it improves or is replaced with time.

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For example, bedding does not change often, their trends only develop over time … bedding makes the bedrooms look beautiful and complete. There are a number of pieces of bedding, and bed covers are one of them.

Bed covers are available as simple bed covers and quilted bed covers. Both perform the same function only with the difference that quilted bedspreads are warmer than simple bedspreads. Quilted bedspreads are thicker, warmer and softer.

Warmer bedspread

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The bed sheets enhance the beauty of the bed, they spread evenly over the bed and touch the floor, creating a stylish look. Therefore, the duvets must complement the interior of your bedroom. Here are some color schemes and techniques to help you know about the trendy and inspirational quilted bedding ideas.

Let's have a look …

Go for bright colors and darker contrasts

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Most of us know that light shades make the room look spacious and larger. Bright colors reflect more light which makes the room look airy, open and larger. Lighter shades use both natural and artificial light to create this effect. On the other hand, the darker shades absorb all light, which makes a room look darker and smaller. There are a number of bright colors to choose from; but here's a list of trendy,

  • Off-white
  • Soft tones of blue and green
  • Lighter gray tones
  • lEMON

You can get a bedspread in this color quite easily from any store.

Pro Tip; Try painting your walls with the lighter colors, it will complement the bedding well and create the illusion of a larger room.

2020 Bed Covers Color Themes

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If you don't like the lighter shades listed above, look at the best color scheme for 2020 for your quilted bed covers, these themes will make your beds lively and colorful.

  • Red, white and black
  • Cool blue and white
  • Vintage pink and gray
  • Pink and orange bedroom
  • Fresh green and a pop of pink
  • Two toned neutrals
  • Forest green with earthy brown
  • Green and purple

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How to take care of the quilted bed covers

Laundry of quilted bed covers

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  • Proper laundry is the key element for maintaining bedding. Always wash one quilted bedspread at a time. This will help you to clean the bed surface thoroughly and evenly.
  • Wash cotton or linen blankets with bedding with cold or lukewarm water if necessary. Always use a mild detergent, avoid using a stronger detergent and bleach. Strong detergents and bleaches weaken the fiber on the bed sheets and reduce their service life.
  • Do not press hard on the zipper and close buttons on quilted bedspreads.

Drying of quilted bedspreads

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  • Do not use any heat treatment to dry the quilted bed covers, prefer air drying or use a low heat drying system if necessary. Hard heat can damage the duvets and can lower the quality.
  • Do not use any dryer to dry the quilted bedding, if using any, remove the quilted spread as soon as the rotation is complete. It will reduce wrinkles.

If you are looking for high quality quilted bed covers to buy online and visit our store.

Be aware of stains

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  • Be aware of the stains, if you accidentally spill something on it just wash or clean it immediately. Don't let it sit. If you wash the stains when wet, they will wash out more easily and come out.

Storage of quilted bed covers

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  • We usually use 2 to 3 different quilted bed covers in the rotation after you have washed and cleaned the other unused bed sheets, be sure to store them in a cool, dry and clean storage area.
  • Do not store the quilted bedspreads where there is a large exposure to sunlight. More exposure to sunlight gradually fades the color and degrades the fibers of quilted bedspreads.

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