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Interior Design with Shade of Dark Grey

Interior Design with Shade of Dark Grey

Are you in love with dark gray? If so, this renovation design is worth reading. Achieving the desired house design is not as easy as many may think, especially if you have a completed home. In such cases, home renovation is the best option to achieve your desired home. You can achieve this design by building or renovating a new home. You should check out this eclectic decor if you want to achieve a first class dark gray home design.

Designing the new home or remodeling the house is always a tough task as you have to spend money with your time. So you have to choose some kind of designer or interior designer who is an expert in the industry. This beautiful home is designed by Tracey fine and you will definitely get excited after seeing the overall decor of this home. This project will be completed in Canada 2016 and the total cost of this project is USD 10,00,001 – USD 15,00,000.

First you need to talk to your chosen consultant for guidance on how to get the chosen decor. Many factors determine whether or not you can achieve this design. They range from availability to space, the availability of materials and the entrepreneur's level of expertise. This is a very unique eclectic decor as it focuses on giving your house a uniform and complementary look.

Modern gray-toned kitchen

open kitchen counter
This eclectic interior design attributed to dark color gives you a great look if there is enough building or renovation space. An island, gray cabinets, countertop and sink under the bowl characterize the kitchen in this interior. That's not all; the kitchen should also have a modernized kitchen air chimney on top of the cooking area. This ensures that the kitchen stays free from soot during your cooking period.

open shelf gray marble worktop
In addition to all of these, there is a section that contains an open shelf. Open shelves make the kitchen nice because a person can easily pick up and place utensils or ingredients.

gray islets with stools
Afterwards, homeowners are encouraged to place a few bench chairs next to the kitchen island. Currently, many families spend a significant amount of time in their kitchens. Finally, light up the kitchen properly to make your stay more comfortable.

Eclectic decor living room

parquet floor living room decor
The living room is what defines the look of the rest of your house. Therefore, homeowners must make it look both stylish and modern. Well, this eclectic interior design emphasizes a mix of art and decoration. You should try to buy art drawings and sculptures with a neutral color. This ensures the maintenance of the dark gray color throughout the design process. The entire living room walls must achieve and maintain their original appearance. Furnishings can improve the appearance of the living room walls.

wall plants entrance wall decor
Use flowers and plants to make the living room lively.

comfortable white chesterfield sofa
This fortress of home decor encourages homeowners to place a long couch in front of the large window. This allows a person to enjoy the natural sunlight. Apart from this, there is a different sitting position in the middle of the living room.

living room eclectic decor

fireplace interior wall decor
This setting is very simple as it consists of a sofa that looks like a bench, a portable rectangular table and a single portal chair on the adjacent side. You can also add gray rugs to the floor to spice up the dark gray color theme.

window decoration lighting
Finally, there should be plenty of lighting in the living room. This makes the stay in this classic and modern room comfortable and lively.

Bedroom with shade of dark gray

chandelier over comfortable low bed
Homeowners spend a reasonable amount of time in the bedroom. The general outlook for your bedroom affects the amount of sleep and rest you get after a tiring day. In short, make it organized and as comfortable as possible. The fortress interior encourages the establishment of an open wall unit for proper storage and organization of clothing's shoes. The open-wall concept makes it easy for a person to determine the clothes he / she needs with great ease. Secondly, it also gives the whole room a healthy environment. Go ahead, then there should be a bed on the other side of the wall. The bed must be placed in the middle to allow movement on either side of the wall.

eclectic industrial lamp side table interior

large industrial lamp bathroom
That's not all; this first-class home decor emphasizes on black and white artistic images. These images should be placed on one side of the wall to make it an organized and systematic look. That's not all; this eclectic decor is also characterized by the fact that a single sofa chair is placed on each side of the bed. Study lights should also be placed on each side of the bed, on top of a pallet.


eclectic home decor
This eclectic interior with a dark gray color is very unique in that it guides entrepreneurs and homeowners on how to put the right lighting in all corners of the house.

eclectic decor intersting lamps wardrobe
This Fortress design focuses on two types of light, namely the natural light and the lamps. Place the windows in directions that allow light to enter the house. Real lighthouses make the dark gray color visible, except that fresh air can easily flow through the entire house. Above all; this interior is flexible with regard to the types of lightning that homeowners should establish. Therefore, homeowners should choose lamps depending on their preferences and their budget.

There is no doubt that this is a top renovation idea for the home. Therefore, you should think about it if you want to give the whole house a modern look with the dark gray color. Do not delay this precious opportunity to give your house a modern look.

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