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How To Wear White Blazer

The white blazer is so magical that you just look slimmer and smarter regardless of your body type. Very often, all you have to do is wear the blazer with your casual outfit and it will immediately look casual and definitely more professional. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite white blazer outfit ideas. I will try to make as good a list as possible and hopefully you will find it inspiring to come up with your own work or causal outfit.

Wear it with lederhosen and a horizontally striped t-shirt


Let’s start with a business casual outfit that is perfect for work. Wear a white blazer with a horizontally striped T-shirt and leather leggings. Wear a brown handbag and pair it with brown heels. This is a professional, yet stylish outfit that can show off the creative side of you.

Stylish look with a white vest top and ripped skinny jeans


Here is a classic smart casual outfit idea that is great for fall and spring. Just wear the white blazer with a white vest top and ripped skinny jeans. I think this outfit is the perfect outfit for those coffee shop meetings or gatherings.

White blazer with a felt hat


To look more playful and creative, you can add a little twist with a felt hat. Wear a navy and white striped t-shirt and black skinny jeans with a blazer. Try to shock pink heels to make the shoes look more stunning. You may also be interested in our other blog post on Best Felt Hat Outfit Ideas.

Wear it with Black Vest Top & Boyfriend Jeans


For a minimally casual look, wear the blazer with a black t-shirt and cuffed boyfriend jeans. Although this outfit is pretty low key compared to the rest of the list, it’s one of those outfits that you can literally wear to work every day as jeans are allowed in your workplace.

White blazer with black t-shirt and shorts


Not only can you look more professional with a white blazer, but you can also look sexy if you know how to style it that way. For the top, you can just wear a black shirt or t-shirt. Then you should choose gray or black shorts that are just a bit longer than the bottom of your blazer. Wear it with heeled sandals to complete this professional but beautiful and sexy outfit.

Wear it with a black vest top and black skinny jeans


Wear the white blazer with an all black outfit for a unisex look. Just wear a black vest top and black skinny jeans with open toe heels. This is such an eye-catching and stylish outfit.

Wear all white with a lace top and shorts


For a chic look, try putting together an all white outfit. Wear white shorts and a white lace top with a white blazer. What makes this outfit so beautiful and feminine is the addition of a feminine looking item in the white lace top. The blazer and lace top are a really interesting combo that looks surprisingly good.

White blazer with horizontally striped T-shirt and denim shorts


By this point, you must already know that the white blazer and jeans are a perfect match. Denim shorts also go wonderfully with a white blazer. Simply combine the blazer with a dark blue, white striped T-shirt, denim shorts and plain heels.

Wear it with a black vest top and a polka dot skirt


Instead of looking stylish and professional, you can also style the white blazer so that you look cheerful and colorful too. Wear the white blazer with a black vest top, a black and white polka dot skirt and white sneakers. To complete this cheerful look, consider carrying a red or shocking pink handbag.

Wear it with a long vest top and black leggings


Here’s another minimalist and comfy looking outfit that you can wear for casual Fridays. Just wear a white long vest top and black leggings with a white blazer. It’s a good outfit idea for those of you who want to be low key and still look decent.

White shirt & high-waisted lace skirt


This is a beautiful and feminine all-white outfit that is perfect for spring. Wear a white shirt with a high-waisted lace mini skirt and a white blazer. Wear silver or white flats for the shoes. Layering and cutting these elements can make you look slimmer and your legs look longer.

Oversized white blazer with a white sweater and black shorts


This outfit idea is another great demonstration of how layering properly can make you look taller and slimmer. You will need a slightly oversized white blazer for this outfit. Wear it with a white t-shirt, black shorts and black ankle boots. Make sure the shorts are a little shorter than the bottom of the blazer for the best result.

Wear with a gray t-shirt & denim skirt


Denim skirts and white blazers also go well together. Just wear the blazer with a gray t-shirt and mini denim skirts for a casual and slightly tough look.

White blazer with denim shirt and flared skirt


When you need to dress formally in the workplace to work instead of just wearing suits to work every day. You can try this outfit that is somewhere between formal and business casual. Simply combine the white blazer with a denim shirt, a mini skirt with a black flare and black heels. This outfit will definitely make you look less boring than an ordinary formal outfit and make you stand out from the crowd.

I hope you enjoyed the outfit ideas I just shared with you. I just have to mention again that the white blazer is a magical item. You may always want to keep one handy in your closet. Before you leave, be sure to check out our other cool outfit ideas on the website as well. Enjoy.

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