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How To Wear Racerback Tank

How To Wear Racerback Tank

Do you remember the article in which I wrote about the essential and necessary items of clothing every girl should have in her closet? Let me refresh your memory Some of these items of clothing are a dark blue blazer, ankle boots, a trench coat, etc. Today we’re going to see how to style an essential piece of clothing – the racerback tank.

The Racerback Tank is a great piece of summer clothing that you will love to wear. It has the racerback cut, that’s how it got its name. This staple is sexy and fluid. On the other hand, it is made of elastic material so you can wear it during exercise.

In this post, I’ll show you how to wear your racerback tank when you want to go for a casual drink or hit the gym. Before I get started with the outfit ideas, I will just write a few words about choosing the right bra when wearing your racerback tank top.

Choosing the right bra

When wearing your racerback tank, you will find that a large part of your back and top is exposed. That is why it is important that you choose the right sport or a different bra. Note: you can make the outfit even more interesting!

Racerback tank bra
Wear a black strap bra under the white racerback tank for a great contrast. Make sure you pick up the bra with multiple straps.

Racerback tank bra
If you want to wear a sports bra for your workout, make it look like you bought the Racerback tank with it. This white bra goes perfectly with the gray cotton racerback tank.

Casual racerback tank

Racerback tank pencil skirt

If you like to dress in monochrome and especially like the black and white combo, here is an outfit for you. It consists of a white racerback tank and a black pencil skirt. The whole look is gorgeous and can be worn day and night alike. Combine it with great high heel sandals or pointy toes.

Racerback tank casual black

This is perfect summer clothing. You’ll feel beautiful in this black racerback tank and denim shorts. When it’s hot, let the tank be fluid and non-stretchy around your body. As you can see the stripes on the bra are visible, but they make this outfit look even more attractive.

Racerback tank gray

You are aware of these type of situations: all you need to do is get dressed and have a coffee or a quick brunch. In such cases, this outfit can be your best friend. Just put on your gray racerback top, thin gray jeans and top it all off with a super cool black clutch.

Racerback tank bell bottom

If you thought the racerback tank was only reserved for sporty outfits, check out this outfit combo. It’s more elegant and chic than you imagined, right?
Wear your favorite tank top with the black bell bottoms for a killer combo. You can pair it with pointed toe stilettos or with ankle boots.

Racerback tank black

This is another example of how racerback tanks can look great in classy and more sophisticated outfit combinations. The all black outfit is perfect for outdoor parties, cocktails or just everyday. It’s an excellent and chunky outfit look that you can recreate very easily.

Racerback tank elegant

This crop top has a very nifty racerback. The back of this top looks like it is crossed and has an open back. It’s very chic and suitable for more elegant occasions. Wear it with the high-waisted trousers for formal occasions or with jeans for an extra casual look.

Racerback tank elegant straps

Nice top deserves a nice racerback. This tank looks exciting and elegant. You can wear it on special occasions or with a nice cardigan for dinner with your friend. Combine it with a great strap or lace-up sandals.

Racerback tank blue

Feeling comfortable on vacation and still being ready to pose for pictures is a must. You can do that with this outfit. Combine the great maxi skirt in yellow with the dark blue racerback tank. You can style it with a brown bag and colorful flats.

Sporty racerback tank

Racerback Tank Olive

This outfit is great and will make you look stylish and beautiful even when you are in the gym. And we all know how difficult it is to achieve this.
The olive green crop top is combined with brown leggings for a particularly sporty look. Combine it with the sports harness bra for a super exciting look of your racerback tank.

Racerback tank pale pink

This outfit is a perfect combination of two pastel colors – soft pink and brown chocolate. The leggings and the racerback tank go perfectly together. The soft pink top is made of stretchy material that helps you exercise.

Racerback tank purple

Another combination of pastel colors that will make you the most stylish girl in the gym! Combine your racerback tank with the gray leggings. Design your top with the bra that is the same color as your leggings.

Crossed racerback tank

If you want to look unique in your gym or yoga class, all you need to do is bring along a great racerback tank. So I have the right one to help you achieve this.
This gray racerback tank has the interesting keyhole detail that makes you look very classy and unique. Wear it with the black or purple leggings and black multi-strap bra.

I created this style guide to help you choose the best combination for your racerback tank top. You probably have it in your closet. I think it’s time for you to wear it again.

No matter how you wear it, you will look super cool. If you want to wear it to the gym, choose the right leggings and interesting bra for a super sporty look. On the other hand, if you want to look elegant and a little sophisticated then go for the cuts I showed you and you won’t be wrong.

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