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How To Wear Keyhole Top

How To Wear Keyhole Top

The trend of wearing cut out staples is not new. It was here all along. However, it was seen as provocative and inappropriate for work or some formal occasions. If we look at photos from last year’s runway shows, we can tell that skin is back on trend. This time it’s very chic, stylish and definitely not provocative. If you’ve been wondering how to incorporate your keyhole top into everyday combinations, I’m here to help!

The keyhole top is a fantastic staple that you can wear for both casual and elegant occasions. It’s pretty and easy to style with skirts, pants and jeans. The good thing about this top is that you can wear it on cold or hot days alike.
Stay with me, because in this post you will see a lot of nice outfit ideas on how to style a keyhole top with other staples you might already own.

Uptown Black

Keyhole top black gray jeans
That combination is everything! It is suitable for both elegant and casual occasions. Gray skinny jeans go perfectly with black, pointed heels. This outfit is rounded off by a beautiful, large shopping bag made of two-tone material and a combination of snakeskin.

Jeans glam

Keyhole top blush pink jeans
Even the most elegant pieces in jeans look chic and stylish. Jeans are one of my favorite pieces of clothing and I almost always wear them.
This blush top is impressive and ready for work, lunch or business meetings. You can style it with nude pumps and a shoulder bag.

Keyhole top elegance

Keyhole top blush pink workwear
Little did I know that pink and black could look this good when paired together. This outfit is very suitable for working hours. The blushing pink mock neck top with a very delicate keyhole is anything but provocative. On the contrary, it looks so sophisticated when paired with high-waisted black pants.
When it comes to shoes, go for some stylish pointy toe heels and complete it all with the gray bag.

Black and white combination

Keyhole above white skirt
You know how much I love black and white combinations. They are eternal, always stylish and never boring. This combination is super cute. You can wear it for many different occasions because that is the point with black and white looks. They are perfect for everyday wear as well as for elegant and formal occasions.

Olivia’s style

Keyhole above Olivia Palermo
Olivia Palermo quickly became one of the fashion icons. Why? Because of her perfect style and her perfect way of dressing. She is always chic, wears modern staples, but with her signature. She adds details like jewelry, sunglasses or interesting shoes.
This combination of culottes, a white keyhole top and pointed slippers is ideal for summer days.

Strip on strip

Keyhole top strip on strip
Blue and white stripes are reminiscent of summer, sun and sea. This lovely linen pants suit is perfect for hot days. The cutouts provide some ventilation while keeping you chic and very stylish.
You will love this combination of matching blazer and shorts. Pair it with lace-up sandals and add a few pieces of silver jewelry.

Sexy yet casual

striped skirt with keyhole top
It is not easy to look sexy yet chic and casual. However, with this black keyhole, this is more than possible. It gives you just enough of that big cleavage sexuality. However, you can calm this look down with a simple striped skirt. Wear pointy toes with this combo and don’t be afraid to show skin.

Flowers are forever

Keyhole top flowers
Oh flowers. I love the floral print. Both this season and last season, you could see flowers everywhere. Gucci started and everyone followed. This top is pretty simple but casual and stylish. You can pair it with white shorts in summer or with jeans for early fall or spring.

Gigi’s grunge style

Keyhole Top Gigi Grunge
The flip jeans that Gigi wears were also discovered on many other fashion girls. Paired with this black cut off shoulder neck top, this combo is an ultimate grunge look that you will love to wear. Lace-up boots are a fashion must.

Street style wear

Keyhole top striped blouse camel pants
Camel is one of my favorite colors. At one time I mostly wore beige and camel. This is how you can see my obsession. These pants look wonderful. When you pair it with the black and white striped top, you get an amazing street style combo that you will love to wear. And look at those keyholes!
Red details are a must. Red shoes are perfectly integrated into the camel.

You have to try yellow

Keyhole above yellow
This yellow top with a mock neck, delicate keyhole and lace detail on the sleeves is everything you need for a statement outfit. Combine it with light skinny jeans and don’t worry about anything! When it comes to details, make sure you wear a black belt (Gucci was a must have) and top it all off with the white little bag.

Neckline Neckline Keyhole Top

Keyhole above cold shoulder keyhole
There are many trends here. Cold shoulders, keyhole and halter neckline were some of the biggest trends last summer. This top is everything. It’s super flattering, comfortable, and very chic. Pair it with olive green jeans like Erica Hoida and you are ready to go! Add a pair of stylish pointed toe stilettos.

Crossed keyhole top

Keyhole on top crossed straps
This look is very young and casual. The striped pink blouse has crossed straps that practically form the keyhole. That makes this top super unique and flattering to wear.
Pair it with skinny jeans and white Converse shoes. This look is perfect for everyday wear and you can be sure that you will be very comfortable.

Coral chic

Coral red keyhole at the top
Coral is my favorite red. I have to admit that I started wearing red maybe a year ago. Why? I dont know. I thought it didn’t suit me, but actually I was so wrong.
This blouse looks very nice and suitable for work. Combine it with tailored jeans and strappy sandals for a super chic and elegant look for everyday occasions.

Delicate keyhole tank top

Keyhole top blush blue
The soft blue tank top is combined with white jeans. This combination looks so delicate and sophisticated. Although this outfit is made up of pretty casual staples, it is perfect for elegant occasions like birthdays, going out, or a casual lunch with your friends.

Hope you enjoyed this article!

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