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How To Wear Corduroy Shirt

How To Wear Corduroy Shirt

If you know what’s going on with the fashion world, you should have noticed that the once-old-fashioned cord has become a huge trend. Indeed, the trend of wearing corduroy shirt, dress and pants seems to stay and is becoming an evergreen trend like denim trend and leather trend. Today I’m going to talk specifically about how to style a corduroy shirt for women. To make it easier for you, I’ve rounded up some of the best looking corduroy shirt outfits for you. Now let’s look at the interesting list.

Brown corduroy shirt with blue skinny jeans


To start the list, here is an iconic brown corduroy shirt. Yes, the color brown is almost the standard color for the corduroy shirt. One casual and stylish way to wear this brown shirt is to simply wear it with blue skinny jeans and white sneakers. Often times, tucking the shirt into your jeans makes you look slimmer and smarter.

Black cord shirt with dark blue skinny jeans

black corduroy shirt, dark blue skinny jeans

Of course, you can leave the corduroy shirt open for a more relaxed look. For example, here is a very casual outfit that consists of a black non-hidden corduroy shirt and dark blue skinny jeans. Wear either white sneakers or black ballet flats to complete the outfit in a simple and clean way.

Pink Cord Button Up Shirt with a choker

pink cord button above shirt choker

Usually a corduroy shirt comes in brown or black, it often has the vintage and unisex feel. But that’s not the case with this pink corduroy shirt. In fact, this pink shirt looks very feminine and stylish at the same time. To build a stylish outfit around this shirt, you can simply wear blue skinny jeans and low top Converse. Wear a black choker for an extra stylish touch.

Gray embroidered shirt with white jeans

gray embroidered shirt white jeans

Here’s another corduroy shirt that isn’t your typical one. It’s a gray embroidered shirt that looks unique and cool. Team it with white skinny jeans and light pink heels for a casual street look.

Brown shirt over white vest top

brown shirt over white vest top

Here is a little tip for wearing the brown corduroy shirt. Wear it over a white vest to create some layers. Wear them with blue skinny jeans and black ballet flats to complete this casual outfit, perfect for visiting a friend or shopping.

Wear an oversized black corduroy shirt as a jacket

Oversized cord shirt as a jacket

To be more creative with the corduroy shirt, you can wear it like a jacket. For example, wear a white t-shirt and an oversized black corduroy shirt for the top. Leave the buttons of the shirt open. Pair them with a blue denim mini skirt and white trainers to complete the outfit.

Pink corduroy shirt with black leather pants

pink cord shift black leather pants

For me, I just don’t think I can finish a blog post about casual outfits without mentioning something made of leather, as I’m a huge leather fan myself. So, let’s go. Wear a pink corduroy shirt with black leather pants and black ankle boots for a fun black and pink outfit with intense contrast.

Brown shirt over white mock neck sweater

brown shirt over white mock neck sweater

Here’s another outfit that uses the brown corduroy shirt like a jacket. For the top, wear a white stand-up collar sweater under a brown corduroy shirt for stylish layers. Pair them with skinny jeans and black ballerinas to keep the outfit casual and simple.

Dark blue knotted corduroy shirt over white top

Navy knotted cord shirt over white top

Now I would go so far as to say this trick of knotting the shirt as a hack as it instantly changes the style of the outfit a lot. To achieve this cool look, you can wear a white t-shirt with a navy knotted corduroy shirt. When you complete the outfit with skinny jeans and white sneakers, this outfit looks refreshing and unique.

Wear it with a black zippered leather mini skirt

black leather mini skirt outfit with zip front

For a sharp and passionate or even slightly aggressive look, you can use the color combination black and red. As an example, you can wear a red corduroy shirt with buttons and a black zip-up mini skirt. Pair the outfit with black suede heels to complete the cool black and red look.

Black shirt with short cut pants with dark blue legs

black shirt, dark blue pants with wide legs

For a dark, deep, and flat look, you can wear a black corduroy shirt for the top and pair it with dark blue wide leg pants. Wear black open toe heels with ankle straps to look more classy and mature. If you want to learn more about the shoes, please check out our blog post on wearing the black ankle strap heels.

Brown cord shirt with a matching pencil skirt

brown corduroy shirt in matching pencil skirt

This is an interesting brown on brown outfit. Little did I know on paper that brown could look good on brown, and of course the above picture proves I’m wrong. To look beautiful with this timeless brown corduroy skirt, pair it with a pencil skirt of the same color. For the shoes, add the second color by wearing a pair of brown suede ankle boots.

Gray shirt with white skinny jeans and a straw hat

gray shirt white skinny jeans straw hat

One of the best ways to style white skinny jeans is to simply wear them with a gray top. For example, you can wear a gray corduroy shirt with the white skinny jeans to look amazing. A pair of black ballerina flats and a straw hat are a nice addition to your look.

Brown corduroy shirt with a yellow bodycon mini skirt made of wool

brown corduroy shirt, yellow wool body, figure-hugging mini skirt

Yellow and brown is a very nice, but not rated, color combination. As you can see from this outfit, combining a brown corduroy shirt with a yellow wool mini skirt looks just amazing. Wear black ballet flats or heels for your shoes to make the outfit look more elegant.

Wear over black turtleneck

Wear over a black turtleneck

This is a very interesting layered outfit. The upper part of the outfit consists of a red corduroy shirt worn over a black turtleneck sweater. For the bottom, wear a denim mini skirt and a pair of black leather ankle boots to add a stylish touch to the look.

Hope you enjoy the corduroy shirt outfit ideas I put together for you. Remember, the corduroy shirts are suitable for both women and men. You miss a lot if you don’t have the corduroy shirt in your outfit game.

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