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How To Wear Burgundy Lace Dress

If you want to look elegant and feminine at a cocktail party, wearing a burgundy lace dress is a great choice. It will indeed make you look deep and mature. Note that being mature has nothing to do with being old. Compared to other popular options like the black lace dress, the burgundy lace dress is a little more difficult to style. To get you off to a great start, I’ve rounded up some of the best burgundy lace dress ideas and I’m going to share them with you right now.

Burgundy chiffon mini tulle dress with lace sleeves


A lace dress does not necessarily have to fill the entire dress with lace. For example, this burgundy mini tulle dress is mainly made of chiffon but has the lovely lace sleeves. To complete this outfit, wear black heels and a gold long necklace to add an extra elegant touch to the overall look.

Semi-Sheer Burgundy High Low Lace Dress

semi-transparent burgundy red dress with high, low lace

If you want to look airier and more stylish by incorporating asymmetrical elements, this semi-sheer burgundy high and low lace dress is for you. Pair this dress with light pink heels and a gold cuff bracelet to complete your outfit in style.

Sleeveless, figure-hugging midi lace dress

sleeveless, figure-hugging midi lace dress

This burgundy, sleeveless, figure-hugging midi dress is made up of two layers. The inner layer is a strapless knee length dress, while the outer layer is the beautiful lace pad. Wear the dress with pink heels and a black clutch to complete this feminine and mature look.

Burgundy Lace Flare Mini Dress with Stockings & Ballerinas

burgundy lace flare mini dress stockings ballerinas

I know there are some people who just don’t like lace design, which looks obvious. They basically don’t like the mature feel that the lace design brings to the table. For these people, I would recommend that they wear a burgundy mini dress with very subtle lace details. When the lace design is so subtle and understated, it just adds depth to the dress. You can wear the dress with black stockings and black ballet flats to complete the lovely outfit.

Half sleeve fit and flare mini dress

half sleeve fit and flared mini dress

Here is a nice cocktail party dress that is relatively easy to take off. This half sleeve flare mini dress isn’t cut too slim, nor does it require you to show a lot of skin. Simply pair the dress with light pink open toe heels and a silver necklace for a beautiful and approachable look.

Knee-length lace dress with a burgundy fit and flare

half sleeve fit and flared knee-length lace dress

This is a two tone burgundy fit and flare dress. The upper part is made of velvet while the lower part is made of lace. It is very interesting that the cheetah heels match the dress. The result is surprisingly well coordinated.

Burgundy lace dress with bell sleeves

Burgundy lace dress with bell sleeves

This dress is easily my favorite on the list. This burgundy-colored lace skater dress with the elegant-looking, semi-transparent bell sleeves looks simply stunning. You really don’t have to do a lot to style a beautiful dress with so many elegant details like this one. Just wear a pair of light pink open toe ankle straps and you would stand out from the crowd.

Burgundy ruffle lace mini dress

Burgundy ruffle lace mini dress

Here is another chiffon dress with a lace element. It’s a burgundy ruffle mini dress with a semi-sheer lace collar. Without the lace, this dress should have been a strapless dress. The dress definitely looks more elegant with the lace design. You can just wear pink heels to complete the outfit.

Red knee-length short-sleeved shift dress

red knee-length short-sleeved dress

What is very interesting is that this dress has a Chinese style in design. It’s the shiny combination of fabric and lace that creates the traditional feel of Eastern culture. This burgundy sheath dress has a beautiful, semi-transparent lace design on the hem of the dress. The black strappy sandals would be a creative and beautiful choice for the shoes.

High Neck Burgundy Lace and Chiffon Skater Dress

Burgundy lace and high neck chiffon skater dress

As a beautiful two-tone burgundy-colored skater dress, the upper part is a short-sleeved lace top with a high neck and the lower part is a high-waisted chiffon tulle skirt. Wear a pair of silver open toe heels and a sleek gold clutch handbag to add a splash of color.

Semi-transparent, figure-hugging dress in burgundy with a V-neck

Semi-transparent burgundy, figure-hugging dress with V-neck

This is a low key sexy two layer burgundy dress. The inner layer is an av-neck body dress. The outer one is a semi-transparent tip. To make the outfit more elegant, you can wear a pair of silver open toe heels and a silver bracelet to complete the outfit.

Halter burgundy crochet lace dress

burgundy crochet lace dress with halter neck

This looks like a very low-key burgundy lace halter neck dress at first glance, but it’s actually an extremely sexy dress with a backless design. Just wear it with silver heels with an open toe strap to achieve this stunning look.

Red sequin shift dress with lace element

red sequin sheath dress lace element

If you look closely, this is actually more than just a red sequin dress. The dress is made of leather, sequins and lace. It’s just amazing to see how these three different types of fabrics can be flawlessly put together into a single dress. To wear this dress in style, pair it with black leggings and black heels.

Burgundy deep V neck dress with mesh overlay

Burgundy deep v neck dress mesh overlay

For those of you who don’t mind showing off some skin, here is an absolutely sexy dress. It’s a burgundy deep V-neck dress that has an extra semi-sheer lace layer under the hem to expand the dress from a mini dress to a midi dress. Team the dress with silver heels with open toes for an elegant and sexy look.

Burgundy Belted Lace Skater Dress

Burgundy lace skater dress with belt

For a more casual look, here is a burgundy skater dress with a belt and a lace element that is perfect for dating and girls’ nights out. Pair the dress with a white handbag and white heels to complete this lovely casual look.

Here are the burgundy lace dress outfit ideas that I want to share with you. They’re generally pretty easy to pull off. Let’s try them on and see how it suits you.

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