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How To Wear Black Felt Hat

When it comes to hats, the black felt hat is probably one of the most classic. While it’s not as easy to style as something like the baseball cap, it’s actually easier to look your best with it than many of you think. Now let’s look at some of the best black felt hat outfit ideas.

Wear it with a white boyfriend shirt and black skinny jeans


One of the best ways to style a black felt hat is to dress minimally. This outfit is a perfect demonstration. Just wear a white boyfriend shirt, black skinny jeans and black ankle boots. I can see this as the perfect outfit for spring and fall. To add a bit of darkness to this outfit, you can replace the jeans with leather pants.

Summer look with a striped crop top & maxi skirt


For a nice and low-key sexy look for summer, you can try wearing a dark blue striped crop top and maxi skirt with the black hat. Not only does the hat help you block out some sunlight on the summer days, it also makes you look more stylish and unique, which makes you stand out from the crowd.

Dress all black with faux fur jacket and leather pants


For an elegant winter look, wear a faux fur jacket and leather pants with the black hat. This is a good outfit idea if you want to dress slightly arrogant at times. It’s fun to dress like this every now and then. Imagine how cool it is to dress like this when you go shopping in a mall.

Wear with White Skater Dress & Boots


Here’s an outfit idea that you might want to try for a spring casual meeting. Wear a white skater dress with the black felt hat. Then you can wear either black over-the-knee boots or ankle boots with over-the-knee socks.

Summer look with white top and denim shorts


Black felt hats often appear to be too formal. The fact is, you can style them to look young, casual and full of energy. A casual and happy way to wear the black hat is to pair it with a white top and jean shorts. You can just wear sneakers and some bracelets and necklaces as accessories.

Wear a black felt hat with a denim shirt and black skirt


This outfit shows the perfect balance between elegance and casualness. Wear the black hat with a long-sleeved denim shirt and a black long skirt. Wear a stylish bling necklace to look even more unique and beautiful.

Stylish cowboy look with a blanket scarf

large scarf black felt hat

An interesting way to wear the black hat is to dress like a cowboy. You can also wear a blanket scarf and jeans. An important detail is the hard-wearing belt. The outfit can make you look stylish and tough. It’s a fun way to get dressed every now and then.

All black with leather shorts, leggings & boots


For those of you who aren’t afraid of the cold and want to show off your legs in winter, this outfit idea is for you. Wear a black sweater, black leather shorts, stockings and ankle boots with your black felt hat for an all-black stylish look. By the way, sometimes it is quite difficult to style black leather shorts properly. This outfit is a good demonstration to wear in a beautiful way.

Casual look with a long cardigan and ripped jeans


For a casual street look this fall, you can simply wear a white top, long cardigan, ripped jeans and heels with your black hat. It’s such a comfy looking outfit that is very easy to take off.

Sweet look with a long denim shirt, cropped jacket and leggings


This is a cute way to style the black hat. Play around with layers by wearing a black jacket over a long denim shirt. Add black leggings and ankle boots to the equation. The combination of a cropped jacket and a long shirt makes you look slimmer and taller. The outfit can also make you look more feminine and glamorous.

Wear a black felt hat with a collar dress


This is an artsy and slightly formal outfit. A collar dress somehow goes really well with a felt hat. Maybe it’s because both items have this old English style. It’s a good outfit idea, especially if you have an artistic character in you.

Boho dress & knee high boots


This is a boho outfit that looks stylish and sexy. Combine the black hat with a boho tie dress and knee-high boots. Wear a stylish boho necklace to complete this stunning outfit.

Lace shorts & ankle boots

black hat lace shorts ankle boots

This is a unique outfit idea to try in summer and spring. It’s not that easy to find great-looking lace shorts. When you have lace shorts that suit you well, you can easily pair them with a white t-shirt, white hat, and ankle boots.

Wear with a striped maxi shirt dress & tube top


This is a cool example of combining sexy clothes with the unisex style. Show some skin by wearing a tube top. Wear either boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans. Most importantly, wear a black and white striped maxi shirt dress. This is what makes the outfit so unique and stylish.

Wide striped sweater & leather skirt


Leather skirts look great when paired with black hats. For example, you can wear a brightly colored wide striped sweater with a black leather skirt. Wear black ankle boots to complete this fall and winter outfit. You can see boots play a huge role when it comes to black hat outfit ideas. By the way, you might want to check out our blog post on leggings and boots.

Here are some of my favorite ways to style the black felt hat. I hope you find these outfit ideas interesting. Before you leave, be sure to check out our other outfit ideas on the website.

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