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How To Wear Black And White Striped Shirt

I’m pretty sure most of you have no problem at all with styling t-shirts and solid color shirts. But it’s about black and white striped shirts, things just get a little bit trickier. So let me introduce you to some of my favorite ways to wear the striped shirt. Now let’s look at the ideas.

Back to the front shirt with ripped skinny jeans


I’ll start the list with an interesting way of putting the shirt on with buttons: back to front. This is a very creative way of dressing for those who are a little bit adventurous. Simply combine the shirt with skinny jeans and solid white heels. You probably won’t want to try wearing this outfit to work, but it’s perfect for standing out through casual hangouts.

Wear it with a black and white striped maxi skirt


For an artistic and creative look, try pairing the striped shirt with a striped maxi skirt. This is a nice, unique outfit idea, especially for artists and designers.

Black shirt dress with narrow white stripes


The black shirt dress is so beautiful and has a lot of character that you just wear it with black boots and nothing else. This is a cool all black outfit with a bit of white in the narrow stripes. It’s perfect to wear to work.

Sleeveless black and white striped shirt dress


Striped shirt dresses look wonderful even without sleeves. This sleeveless black and white shirt dress will make you look energetic and happy. Pair the dress with white sneakers for a refreshing look.

Wear it with a leather jacket and bright blue jeans


The black leather jacket seems to work with any item as long as you know how to style it. The bright blue jeans make this outfit look sharp and chic. This outfit is a work outfit that brings a lot of energy.

Wear it with pink jeans


A black and white striped shirt can make your look a little tough and serious at times. This is not the case when you pair the shirt with light pink jeans. This combination gives a very refreshing and feminine feeling. It’s the perfect outfit for spring and fall travel.

Wear it with denim shorts


Shirts and denim shorts seem to look great together most of the time, and so does the striped shirt. Usually it is very easy to wear white sneakers as shoes. This picture shows that black loafers can work wonderfully in this case too.

Maxi black and white striped dress


This dress is absolutely unique and remarkable. It’s one of those dresses that you can wear to a formal event and catch lots of eyeballs without really showing off a lot of skin. It is especially suitable for women with tough attitudes.

This should be a striped shirt with ruffled sleeves


This shirt is very different from the rest of the list. The strapless striped shirt with ruffled sleeves is built for summer. Pair it with a black skort. You can imagine how stunning you can look on a beach in summer.

Wear with a knee-length black and white striped skirt


For a professional yet feminine look, you can try pairing the striped shirt with a matching knee length striped skirt. You can wear black sandals for the shoes. Wear red lipsticks to create the black, white, and red contrast that makes you look chic and beautiful at the same time.

Oversized striped shirt with batwing sleeves and skinny jeans


Try this oversized striped batwing shirt for a casual and playful look. You can just wear it with black skinny jeans and white sneakers. Just be careful not to be fooled that oversized sleeves and batwing sleeves are used to hide an overweight body. No, that’s just not true. Oversized shirts are usually better for thin bodies.

Oversized white shirt with narrow black stripes


As simple as this outfit is, the combination of a white shirt with slim black stripes and black dress pants is actually a way to dress up. Consider wearing this outfit that is easy to take off when you are a boss or manager.

Long shirt with shortened jacket


This is an artistic way of styling the striped shirt. I think it’s the perfect outfit for those of you who work in the fashion industry. Wear a white vest and short black jacket over the long striped shirt. Combine them with black leggings and ankle boots.

Wear with white jeans


As a casual, chic outfit, you can simply wear the striped shirt with white jeans. I can think of it as a good outfit idea for people who work in startups or in the workplace with a similar style.

Wear with black pants to work


This is another outfit idea for a casual work outfit that is particularly suitable for young professionals. Just wear the black and white striped shirt with black dress pants and light pink heels. Keep your shirt tucked away to look more professional.

While it’s very easy to believe that a solid color shirt is so much easier to style, the black and white striped shirt isn’t actually that much more difficult. As long as you put just a little effort to do a few tries and know which outfit works for you and which doesn’t, you will find that the shirt can add a lot of variety to your work outfits. And the shirt also goes wonderfully with casual outfits. Hope you like the list of outfit ideas I have put together. For those of you who like to wear t-shirts all the time, I know they’re cool but don’t put a cap on your beauty. Sometimes try a black and white striped shirt. You can actually enjoy it. If you like the list of outfit ideas, you can also check out our other outfit ideas on the website.

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