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How To Style Smock Dress

How To Style Smock Dress

A smock dress simply means a dress that fits loosely. It usually comes in the form of a mini dress or a knee length dress, the occasional midi dress. It’s a very general type of dress that includes more specific styles like the swing dress and the t-shirt dress. If you come here to learn more about how to style the smock dress, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled a list of the best smock dress outfit ideas. Let’s check it out.

Black and white checked smock dress


One of the most popular types of smock dresses is the plaid dress. This black and white plaid smock mini dress is a fine example of plaid smock dresses. To build a casual and stylish outfit around this airy dress, you can simply wear a pair of short brown leather boots and a black leather backpack.

Gray cotton smock dress

gray cotton smock dress

Here is a very typical gray t-shirt dress that looks very casual and reservedly sexy. It looks best when worn as part of a simple outfit with no jacket or accessories. For example, you can simply wear the t-shirt dress with white sneakers and the result would already look very good.

Checked smock dress with statement chain

Plaid Smock Dress Statement Necklace

While a mock dress is a loose fitting dress that is more casual and airy looking, that doesn’t mean you can’t style it more formally. Here’s a business casual outfit built around a black and white checked smock dress. You can simply pair it with light pink pointy toe heels and a statement chain for a simple and professional look.

Black and white checked linen dress

black and white checked linen dress

Here is a nice and refreshing outfit that is perfect for outdoors, especially in summer and spring. Just wear a black and white plaid linen smock dress with white sandals to achieve this amazing look.

Chambray midi smock dress

Chambray midi smock dress

The chambray shirt has always been an important part of the casual outfit world. Now, instead of a layer, wear a chambray midi smock dress so you look casual and beautiful too. For the shoes, it is best to wear a white one to turn this outfit into a refreshing blue and white outfit. Either white sneakers or white sandals go very well with the dress.

Black and gray polka dot swing dress

black and gray polka dot swing dress

For me, this is the most adorable outfit on the list. You can achieve this remarkable look simply by wearing a black and gray polka dot swing dress with white heeled sandals and a nifty gold or silver chain.

Gray and black dress with leopard print and mock neck

gray and black leopard print dress

This dress is a playful yet feminine dress. It is a gray and black midi dress with a leopard print and mock neck flare made of chiffon. It is very interesting that the dress is worn with white crew socks and black and white platform leather shoes.

Checked smock dress with black leather jacket

plaid smock dress black leather jacket

If you want to wear a jacket with a smock dress, my first choice would be the black leather jacket while the denim jacket would be just under a second. Here is an outfit that includes the leather jacket. For an elegant and casual look, you can wear a black and white smock mini dress with a figure-hugging black leather jacket. Pair the pieces with white loafers to complete this simple and stylish look.

White sleeveless smock dress with black heels

white sleeveless smock dress black heels

For a stylish and slightly artistic black and white look, you can wear a white sleeveless smock dress with black pointy toe heels. Add a small black leather handbag to the mix to make the outfit look professional enough to be a work outfit.

Black puff-sleeved smock dress with boots

black smock boots with puff sleeves

Sometimes a smock dress is not only loosely cut, but also oversized overall. This outfit is a great demonstration of how an oversized smock dress can be worn in style. Wear it with a black, oversized, oversized puff-sleeved smock dress. Pair it with black suede thigh high boots for this awesome look.

White and pink smock midi dress with ballet heels

white and pink smock midi dress ballerinas

This is a very ladylike and slightly mature white and pink midi dress. It would be perfect to wear this dress casually on Fridays, especially if you are a boss or manager who needs to dress more elegantly and mature. You can easily combine the dress with black ballerinas to complete the outfit in a simple and neat way.

Gray mini smock dress with ankle boots

gray mini smock dress ankle boots

Let’s look more youthful and stylish now. To achieve this look, choose a gray plaid mini smock dress that looks casual and airy. Team the dress with black leather boots for a stylish, minimalist look. For those of you interested in similar boots, you might want to check out our blog post on how to style leather ankle boots.

Embroidered chambray mini smock dress with pink boots

embroidered chambray mini smock dress pink boots

As mentioned earlier, a shirt dress also belongs to the smock category. Here is one that looks very beautiful and unique. It is an embroidered chambray shirt dress that comes with the bell sleeve design and the gorgeous rose print. The dress is combined very creatively with pink boots in the middle of the calf and the result is surprisingly well coordinated and looks great.

Checkered puff-sleeved mini dress with belt

checked mini dress with puff sleeves and belt

Here is a smock dress with some beautiful and sophisticated details. It is a black and white checked mini smock dress with puff sleeves and a belt. The dress already looks so great. You can simply pair it with black leather boots to create a remarkably stylish and gorgeous look.

Hope you like the smock dress outfit ideas I just shared with you. If you like this blog post and find it useful, be sure to check out our thousands of outfit ideas available on this website.

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