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How To Style Silver Belt

Before that, I wrote a lot of blog posts about costumes, jackets and shoes, etc. I’ve found that I may have underestimated the importance of belts. In fact, the belts can greatly affect the feel and style of an outfit. Since most of you should be very familiar with styling a black belt, I’m going to talk about something even more interesting, which is the silver belt. To show you how beautiful and versatile it is, I’ve rounded up some of the best silver belt outfit ideas for you. Let’s look at them.

White blazer with silver belt & skort


If you think the silver belt is so cool and reserved only for stylish street outfits, then you should think twice. This particular work outfit should prove you wrong. The outfit consists of a white blazer, a silver belt and a white skort. You can pair them with white open toe heels and a white leather handbag to create a sleek, all-white outfit.

Silver belt with navy shirt & black chinos

silver belt navy shirt black chinos

Here is another work outfit with a silver belt, but this time the outfit is cozier and looks more natural. To achieve this look, you can wear a navy button shirt, black chinos, and a slim silver belt. Complete your outfit with a long crepe coat and black ballerina flats to look more stylish.

Black and silver belt with a long wool coat and jeans

long wool coat jeans with black and silver belt

If you don’t like the idea of ​​wearing a simple silver belt, you can try a black and silver belt instead. A good way to wear the black and silver belt is to combine it with a gray sweater and light blue skinny jeans. Wear a black long wool coat over the pieces. Add a pair of black ballerina shoes to the equation.

Pink flared mini dress with a silver narrow belt

pink flared mini dress, silver narrow belt

If you’re wearing a flared mini dress or a shift mini dress, there is a good chance a slim silver belt will reveal your waist and result in a slimmer look. In this case, the silver belt is combined with a pink flared mini dress. Team the dress with silver heels with open toes and a silver clutch to look classier.

Wear it with a silver sequin lace midi dress

silver sequin lace midi dress

Here’s another outfit that pairs a cocktail party dress with a silver belt. This time the dress is very elegant silver sequin lace midi bodycon dress. Wearing a silver sequin belt over the dress just makes the outfit look shinier. Complete the outfit with pink strappy heels for a feminine touch.

Silver metal belt with light pink pleated mini dress

silver metal belt with light pink pleated mini skirt

Some cocktail dresses come with a built-in silver belt. This beautiful and low-key sexy pale pink pleated mini dress is a great example of that. The belt is designed so that the waist is slightly higher and you look taller and slimmer. You can combine the dress with bare strappy heels and a statement chain to look feminine and elegant.

White lace blouse with a pink pleated maxi skirt and a silver belt

white lace blouse pink pleated maxi skirt silver belt

If you want to wear a skirt to a cocktail party, you can also make the outfit a little more noticeable by wearing a slim silver belt with the skirt. For example, you can wear a white lace blouse and tuck it into a pink pleated maxi skirt. Wear a silver belt to create a little space between the shirt and the skirt and to make the waistline more distinct and slimmer. Wear a pair of light pink strappy sandals for the shoes for a feminine touch.

White midi dress with deep V-neckline and wide silver metal belt

white midi dress with deep V-neckline, wide silver metal belt

Here is a very unique and sexy dress with a white and black midi print and a deep V-neckline. The silver wide metal belt makes the dress look much more elegant. A good choice for the shoes would be the silver open toe heels with ankle straps.

Light blue, floor-length, flared dress with a silver sequin belt

light blue floor length flared dress silver sequin belt

For a beautiful and approachable look, you can wear a light blue floor length flared dress. Since the silver heels can barely show up in this outfit, you’ll need to add some colors to the outfit elsewhere. For this reason, a silver belt and a silver clutch handbag are chosen to add shine to the outfit.

Silver metal belt with white T-shirt and blue denim skirt

silver metallic belt white t-shirt blue denim skirt

You can actually wear a silver belt with jeans and denim skirts for a casual and stylish look. For example, wear a white t-shirt with a blue denim mini skirt. Wear a silver metal belt to make casual wear a little more noticeable. Just wear white sneakers to make the outfit look casual and refreshing.

White boho-style lace mini dress with a silver statement belt

white lace wrap mini dress in boho style with silver statement belt

For a boho look that is perfect for a beach photo shoot, you can wear a white lace wrap dress. Combine it with a silver sequin belt and a silver statement chain to make the outfit look classier. For the shoes, just wear white sandals to complete the outfit.

Purple Silk One Shoulder Bodycon Mini Dress with a Silver Belt

purple silk one shoulder bodycon mini dress silver belt

Here is a beautiful dress that can be worn as a bridesmaid dress. It’s a strapless purple silk boydcon mini dress. You can wear a relaxed silver belt as a nifty decoration. Wear them with silver open toe heels to complete your outfit.

Wear it with a mesh crop top and black denim shorts

Mesh crop top black ribbed denim shorts

For a stylish and sexy street look, you can wear a silver crop top with a spaghetti strap. Pair it with black denim shorts and a silver belt. For the shoes you can wear a pair of silver metallic sneakers to make the outfit look even more edgy.

Black overall with a silver metal belt

black overall with a silver metal belt

One of the downsides to wearing overalls is that it makes your waistline disappear and you look chunky. To remedy this, you can wear a belt. For this outfit, the black overall is combined with a silver metal belt. A pair of leopard print ankle boots is chosen very creatively for the overall.

Black romper with a narrow silver belt

black romper slim silver belt

For a stylish and girly look, you can just wear a black spaghetti romper with a slim silver metal belt. Wear it with white sneakers and a white baseball cap to look more casual and sporty.

Here are some really nice looking silver belt outfit ideas that I want to share with you. As you can see from these outfits, a silver belt is easier to style than it sounds. To get started, the first thing you can try is to wear a slim silver belt with the jeans or denim skirts that you are wearing. The result should be surprisingly good. Let’s try it out and have fun styling it.

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