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How To Style Red Lace Dress

How To Style Red Lace Dress

If you are going to a cocktail party or prom soon and are looking for something that will make you look feminine and sharp, wearing a red lace dress is a very safe bet. A great thing about the red lace dress is that it is very eye-catching and beautiful even if it doesn’t have a sexy cut. Hence, for those of you who are not that comfortable showing off skin while still wanting to look sharp and pretty, it’s here. To make it easier for you, I’ve rounded up some of the best red lace dress outfit ideas and I’m going to show you now.

Three-quarter sleeve mini skater lace dress


Let’s start the list with a textbook cocktail party outfit made from red lace dress. To achieve this look, the dress you want to choose is a red mini lace three quarter sleeve dress. You can simply pair it with silver pointy toe heels and a small nifty red handbag to complete this lovely look.

Red semi-transparent mini lace dress over black tube dress

red semi-transparent mini lace dress black tube dress

Since most of the red lace dresses you can get in the market are semi-sheer dresses, you can wear them over a solid color dress too. In this case, a red mini dress is placed over a black tube dress. To complete the outfit, simply wear light pink open-toe heels for a feminine touch.

Red sleeveless sheath midi lace dress

red sleeveless sheath dress made of midi lace

For a slightly more mature look (remember that a mature look has nothing to do with an old look) you can wear this red sleeveless midi lace dress. You can keep the outfit simple by pairing the dress with the open toe heels of the silver ankle strap for a simple yet elegant look.

Wear it with a black leather jacket and heels

black leather jacket

When I have to choose a jacket for a red lace dress, the black leather jacket that I call the most versatile jacket of all time is my go-to option. As an example of such an outfit, wear this red, figure-hugging, high, knee-length dress with a mock neck with a black leather moto jacket. Wear black heels for an easy way to complete the outfit.

Transparent red lace mini dress over a white shift dress

sheer red lace midi dress over a white shift dress

Here we have a sheer red lace mini dress. You can simply pair it with a white shift dress for a layered outfit that has some depth. Wear these pieces with a pair of black pointed toe heels and a black leather handbag for a minimalist and feminine outfit that will make you look good and natural at a cocktail party.

Bodycon dress with halterneck lace and separate sleeves

Figure-hugging dress with halterneck lace and separate sleeves

This dress is so unique and creative that it can grab people’s attention. It’s a red form-fitting dress made of lace. That would have been very unique, but the designer went a step further by adding a seemingly separate pair of lace sleeves to the dress. You can simply pair the dress with silver heels with open toes to really stand out from the rest.

Sleeveless Mock Neck Mini Red Dress

sleeveless mini dress with a false neckline

This red sleeveless bodycon mini dress with a high neck is nothing new on this list. But how you style is completely different. The dress is layered over a red bra to show off some skin in a low key, sexy way. You can simply pair this awesome dress with a pair of black ballerinas to look gorgeous.

Red Gathered Waist Sheath Knee Length Dress

red gathered knee-length dress with sheath at the waist

For those of you who are not very comfortable wearing lace dresses and think they are too feminine and mature, here is something good that is very subtle and easy to take off and which may make you fat twice. It’s a red knee length dress with subtle lace details. You can make the outfit look very natural by wearing the dress with a sleek red leather handbag and a pair of dark red metallic heels.

Red dress with leather jacket and black mid calf leather boots

red dress leather jacket black boots made of medium calfskin

We’ve already seen an outfit that puts a red lace dress and black leather jacket together and it looked really great. This time it’s a similar outfit that consists of a red mini lace dress with a black leather jacket, but the heels are now replaced with a pair of black leather mid-calf boots, making the outfit look a lot more stylish.

Long, flowing lace dress with a deep V-neckline

deep, flowing lace dress with deep V-neckline

If you’re looking for a dress for a formal event or a prom, a long, flowing dress is the way to go. Here is an elegant one that you might want to consider. It’s a red plunging, flowing lace dress with a deep V-neckline that looks both elegant and extremely sexy. Just pair it with a silver open toe ankle strap to complete the outfit.

Red lace skater dress with half sleeves

red lace skater dress with half sleeves

For a slightly more youthful look, it’s no surprise that a shorter dress can do just that. This dress here is a red skater mini lace dress with half sleeves. Not only is it youthful and lovely, it also feels feminine because of the lace details. Pair it with black ballerinas to look cozier and more casual.

Red high low lace dress with black heels

red high low top dress black heels

A high cut can definitely turn an ordinary dress into an extraordinary one. For example, this red, high, low lace dress just looks airy and beautiful. You can simply pair it with black pointed toe pumps to complete the outfit.

Three-quarter sleeve gathered maxi dress with a fitted waist

Three-quarter sleeve ruched waist flared maxi dress

For those of you who don’t want to show any skin and don’t even want to show your curves, this relaxed fit long dress is good for you. In detail it is a red maxi dress with three-quarter sleeves. Just pair it with black ballet flats to create an outfit that is really easy to take off.

Red multi-layer ruffle mini dress

red multilayer ruffle mini dress

This is a very creatively designed dress that I just need to add to the list here to inspire you to come up with your own outfit ideas. Either way, it’s a red layered ruffle bodycon mini dress. Just pair it with light pink heels to look unique and pretty.

Red Spaghetti Strap Sweetheart Bodycon Dress

red spaghetti straps sweetheart bodycon dress

For a simple and figure-hugging outfit, you can wear this red body-hugging mini dress with a sweetheart neckline and spaghetti straps. Pair it with silver open toe heels for a minimal outfit that can make you stand out at cocktail parties and proms.

Here are the amazing red lace dress outfit ideas that I wanted to share with you. They are really much easier to take off as the term “lace dress” sounds like. Give it a try and you will find some surprises.

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