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How To Style Dark Teal Dress

There’s a reason I want to blog a specific post for the dark teal dress. It’s something that not only looks beautiful, but also has a deep, feminine and balanced effect. To show you how to style it, I’ve rounded up some of the best dark blue outfit ideas for you. While some of the ideas include formal and elegant dresses for cocktail parties and proms, others are casual street outfit ideas. Regardless, there should be some useful ideas for you. Let’s look at them now.

Half Sleeve Midi Dark Teal Dress


Let’s start the list with a very typical and popular way of styling a dark teal dress. For a cocktail party or a prom, you can wear a navy half-sleeved bodycon midi dress to look feminine and beautiful. Wear this dress with black open toe straps and a silver necklace to add a chic twist to your outfit.

Sleeveless bodycon mini dress made of dark blue-green lace

sleeveless, figure-hugging mini dress made of dark blue-green lace

While the previous outfit idea is more elegant and mature and is more suitable for proms, this one is a little more youthful and refreshing and is ideal for cocktail parties. To achieve this look, you can wear a dark blue sleeveless lace mini dress with light pink ankle straps and open toe heels.

Dark Teal Short Sleeve Midi Flare Chiffon Dress

dark blue-green short-sleeved midi chiffon dress

For a look that is both cute and feminine, consider this dark teal midi chiffon flare dress. It comes with the little ribbon loop belt detail that makes the dress look so beautiful. Combine the dress with white heels to complete this beautiful and adorable look.

Dark teal backless bodycon mini dress

dark, teal, backless, figure-hugging mini dress

If you want to look sexy and stand out from the prom at a cocktail party or prom, this navy blue backless boydcon mini dress can help you do just that. I like how some straps extend down the back to make the backless design more natural. To complete the outfit, pair the dress with the open toe heels with silver ankle straps for an elegant touch.

High split wrap dress with deep V-neckline

High split wrap dress with deep V-neckline

Here’s a classier, more feminine, and mature outfit that goes perfectly with Proms. It’s a dark teal deep split maxi wrap dress with a deep V neckline. To make the outfit even more elegant, you can combine the dress with a silver statement chain and silver heels with open toes.

Teal Gathered Waist Mini Dress

teal ruched waist mini dress

While this outfit is still intended for cocktail parties, it’s relatively much more casual. The dress is a dark blue mini shift dress with a ruched waist. You can pair the dress with silver open toe heels and a gold necklace for a shiny yet relaxed outfit.

Cold shoulder gathered waist chiffon maxi dress

cold shoulder ruched waist chiffon maxi dress

Here is an absolutely gorgeous dark blue chiffon maxi dress with a cold shoulder. Not only can this dress be worn to cocktail parties and proms, and it expects it to stand out from the crowd. It’s also perfect for wedding photos. You can easily pair the dress with black open toe heels with ankle straps to look beautiful and elegant.

Dark Teal Knit Sweater Dress with Boots

dark teal knit sweater dress boots

Now that we’ve just looked at some outfits for cocktail parties and proms, let’s look at one that you can wear casually. To achieve that casual and beautiful street look, you can wear a dark teal knitted sweater dress with knee high boots made of brown leather. Pair them with a plaid wool scarf to look super chic.

Dark Teal Sheer Shoulder Knee Length Lace Dress

dark teal, strapless, knee-length lace dress

For those of you who don’t like dressing too mature and classy for a cocktail party, here is a youthful yet elegant outfit for you to consider. You can wear a knee-length lace dress with a dark teal shoulder to look relatively casual. Pair the dress with blushing pink heels to give the outfit a youthful and girlish touch.

Chiffon Spaghetti Strap Flared High Low Midi Dress

Chiffon spaghetti straps flared high-low midi dress

For an airy look, a chiffon dress is often a good choice. This particular dress is a dark blue chiffon spaghetti strap with a high, low, flared dress that just looks dreamy. It is not very often to see these types of airy dresses at a cocktail party. You can easily pair this dress with light pink open toe heels to stand out from the crowd.

Blue-green skater dress with knitted hat and cap sleeves

blue-green knitted dress with cap sleeves

Now let’s look at a very refreshing outfit that is perfect for outdoor hangouts, especially when spring comes. The dress is a dark blue-green skater dress with cap sleeves. You can wear a pair of nude strappy sandals to give the outfit a bit of a boho feel. You can even wear a light brown floppy hat to add a playful and refreshing touch to the look.

Dark Teal Deep V Neck Silk High Low Wrap Dress

dark blue-green silk dress with deep V-neckline and high wrap

For those of you who want to look stylish rather than just feminine and beautiful for your next formal event, here is a dress that can help you with that. It is a dark teal silk dress with a high wrap. Not only is it very stylish, the deep V-neck also makes this dress extremely sexy. A black open-toe heeled dress is the perfect accompaniment to your outfit.

Long sleeve knitted waist skater dress

Long sleeve knitted waist skater dress

For a cute and girlish look, you can wear this dark blue long-sleeved knit skater dress. Pair it with black stockings and black ankle strap shoes. You can wear a necklace and a headband to make the outfit look even more beautiful.

Dark, blue-green midi dress with a crossed neckline

dark blue-green midi shift dress with crossed neckline

For a mature and beautiful look, you can wear this dark teal crossed neck midi dress for a formal event. You can pair the dress with bare heels with open toes for a nice but relatively inconspicuous look.

Blue-green two-piece boydcon dress with mesh overlay

teal, two-piece, form-fitting mesh overlay

This is a very creatively designed dress that looks really elegant and sexy. It’s a dark blue two-layer dress. The inner layer is a two-piece, form-fitting dress, while the outer layer is a mesh overlay. Just pair it with black heels and a brown leather handbag to look amazing.

Here are the dark teal outfit ideas that look dreamy and beautiful. Hopefully you find the ideas useful and use them for your next cocktail party or formal event.

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