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Grandad Collar Shirt Outfits

Today I’m going to talk about a very interesting type of shirt, the grandad collar shirt. By its name, one might think they were old fashioned shirts or something just for men. Indeed, it is a collarless shirt and its neckline falls between a crew neck and a mock neckline. What you will see are some of the best outfit ideas for women with grandpa collars. Let’s take a look at whether these outfits will suit you.

White grandad collar shirt with black chinos


To start the list, I’m just going to show you the most typical way to style a grandpa collar shirt. You can simply wear a white grandpa shirt and combine it with black chinos or black suit trousers. For the shoes, you can simply combine them with black heels or black oxford shoes.

White Front Pocket Grandad Collar Shirt

white shirt with grandad collar in the front pocket

If you are the type of person who loves details, you can enjoy this white grandpa shirt that has a little more detail on the front pocket. And this time, for a more relaxed feeling, choose a slightly oversized shirt and pair it with black chinos. Pair these pieces with black loafers for extra style.

Blue Pleated Grandad Collar Shirt with Khaki Pants

blue pleated grandpa collar shirt khaki pants

While the white grandpa collar shirt is the most iconic, there are other colors that look just as good, if not better. For example, here is a blue shirt with a folded grandpa collar that looks just beautiful. You can pair it with khaki pants and black leather boots to add some toughness and roughness to the outfit.

White oversized grandad collar boyfriend shirt

white oversized boyfriend shirt with grandpa collar

Here is an oversized white boyfriend shirt with a grandpa collar. It’s so big that you can actually call it a shirt dress. To wear it in style, you can simply pair it with black skinny jeans and white sneakers. Wear some stylish long necklaces to add a classy touch to the overall look.

Crepe shirt with a subtle floral pattern

Crepe shirt with a subtle floral pattern

Not only are solid color shirts great, but also those with nifty patterns. For example, here is a lovely crepe-colored grandad collar shirt that has some subtle and small floral prints in it. You can pair the shirt with black skinny jeans and white sneakers for a casual and beautiful look.

Black Grandad Collar Shirt & Pants

black shirt collar trousers with grandpa collar

For a very unique and stylish all black outfit, you can wear a slightly oversized black shirt with a grandad collar and black wide leg pants. For the shoes, wear a pair of black loafers that match the other black pieces. This all black outfit is very different from an all black leather jacket outfit. It looks a little cozier.

White oversized shirt with wide leg black pants

white oversized shirt wide leg black pants

For a relaxed and artistic look, a black and white outfit is a great choice. To get that relaxed feeling, go for an oversized white shirt with a grandpa collar and pair it with black wide leg pants. Pair them with black oxford shoes for an easy and neat way to complete the outfit.

Black and white color block shirt

Black and white color block shirt

I call this a black and white color block shirt with a grandpa collar. But as you can see, it’s not your typical horizontal block of color. Anyway, the shirt is very stylish and beautiful in itself. You can just pair it with black chinos and black pointy toe heels for an amazing look.

Pink and White Striped Grandad Collar Shirt

pink and white striped grandpa collar shirt

For an outfit that looks both stylish and feminine, start with this pink and white striped oversized grandpa collar shirt. Pair it with blue skinny jeans and white sneakers to look casual and cool.

Rose gold silk shirt & white drainpipe pants

Rose gold silk shirt white drainpipe pants

Here is a feminine outfit to wear to the office. For the top, wear a rose gold, slim cut silk shirt with a grandpa collar. Combine them with white, slim chinos. Wear a pair of light pink pointed toe heels for the shoes for a feminine touch. Not only is the outfit beautiful, it also looks very professional.

Navy and White Color Block Silk Grandad Collar Shirt

Navy and White Color Black Silk Grandad Collar Shirt

This is a very stylish navy and white grandad collar black collar shirt that is semi-glossy because it is made of silk. You can easily pair it with black chinos and black loafers to look casual and elegant.

Chambray Grandad Collar shirt with black leather pants

Chambray grandad collar shirt black leather pants

When it comes to shirts, I just have to mention the chambray shirt because it looks so good and is so popular. This time the chambray shirt comes in the form of a grandad collar shirt. To wear it in style, pair it with black leather pants and black pointed toe suede heels.

Gray silk shirt dress with black leather gaiters

gray silk shirt dress black leather gaiters

Here is another outfit that uses the black leather leggings to create a stylish look. For the top, wear a gray shirt dress with a silk grandpa collar. Pair it with black leather gaiters and silver ankles with open toe heels. You can also wear a black leather clutch bag for an extra stylish touch.

White shirt with dashed pattern

white shirt dashed pattern

Here is a really cute white grandpa collar shirt finished with subtle dashed patterns. You can combine a nice and casual outfit around the shirt by pairing it with black skinny jeans and white sneakers.

White shirt with gray wide-leg chinos

white shirt gray chinos with wide legs

This is a very unique outfit that looks stylish and slightly unisex. Instead of going for an oversized shirt, this time wear a white shirt with a slim fit and grandad collar. Tuck it into gray wide-leg chinos. To look unique and stylish, tie up the chinos and pair them with brown sandals.

Here are the outfit ideas for the Grandad Collar Shirt that I want to share with you. It is really amazing to see how the fashion world has evolved to the point where stylish and manly shirts with grandpa collars can look really beautiful on women.

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