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Gold Peep Toe Heels Outfits

Gold Peep Toe Heels Outfits

The golden peep toes are something that looks beautiful and is an eye catcher in itself. In the meantime, figuring out how to style them is pretty difficult. One thing a lot of people know is that it’s perfect to wear in proms and cocktails. But what should we wear with the golden heels? Answering this question is the main purpose of this blog post. To illustrate my answer, I’ve rounded up some of the best gold peep toe heels outfit ideas and put them into a list for you. Let’s check them out and see if this can help you expand your outfit game.

Gold Metallic Fit and Flare Midi Dress with Gold Peep Toe Heels

Metallic Fit and Flare Midi Dress Gold Peep Toe Heels

One of the most noticeable and safest ways to style the gold peeptoes is to wear gold on gold. Wear a gold dress like this gold metallic fit and flare midi dress. One cool thing about the design of the dress is that it is paired with the matching long, separated gold sleeves that make the outfit look even more elegant.

Black puff-shoulder mini dress with golden peep toes

black puffed shoulder mini dress and gold peep toes

Another way to wear the gold heels is to pair them with a black dress. For example, you can wear a black wool mini shift dress that comes with a lovely chiffon puff shoulder design. Pair the dress with gold peep toes, a silver cuff bracelet and a small black handbag to complete this elegant and feminine outfit.

Black and white printed mini dress with gold heels

black and white printed mini dress with gold heels

Here’s a chic and elegant look that is perfect for a formal event. Wear a black and white printed mini dress with floral details. Pair it with gold strappy sandals. Wear a sleek white handbag to add a feminine touch to the overall look.

White blouse with a high-waisted black bodycon mini skirt

white blouse high waisted black figure-hugging mini skirt

As you can see from the outfits above, the gold peep toes are great for cocktail parties, proms and formal events. But in fact, if you wear them with the right parts, you can actually make them a part of your casual or work outfit. For example, here is a business casual outfit that consists of a white blouse and a black pencil skirt. Wear a pair of gold sequin peep-toes and a pink leather handbag to make the outfit look nice yet natural.

Gold peep toe heels with a gray blazer and a flowered mini skirt

Gold Peep Toe Heels Gray Blazer Floral Mini Skirt

Here is another work outfit with the gold heels. What’s more interesting is that it’s a cool and stylish outfit rather than a feminine one. To achieve this exciting look, you can wear a white blouse with a gray blazer for the top. Wear it with a white floral bodycon mini skirt and gold peep toes to complete this unique and stylish outfit.

Burgundy maxi dress with a deep V-neckline and gold strappy sandals

Burgundy-colored maxi wrap dress with deep V-neckline and golden strappy heels

The gold heels are very similar to the silver heels and look great when paired with solid color ball gowns or cocktail dresses, especially black or red. Here is a burgundy maxi wrap dress with a deep V neckline and high split. Just pair it with gold strappy peep toes for a fantastic red carpet look.

Black lace tube dress with gold heels

black lace pipe dress gold heels

Here’s an elegant outfit that is perfect for proms and formal events. To achieve this, you can wear a knee-length tube dress made of black lace. Combine it with golden peep toes with beautiful ribbon details. Combine the heels with a gold statement chain to make the outfit look even more classy.

Wear with Gold Metallic Slip Dress

gold metallic slip dress

This is a very creatively designed outfit that looks very stylish. If you are wearing this to a cocktail party, it is most likely that you will get all the attention. So if you are looking for an eye-catching outfit that doesn’t require you to show skin, this is something you should consider. To shape this outfit, wear a white button down shirt and drape a gold metallic slip dress over the shirt. Combine them with gold peep toes that go perfectly with the dress.

Wear with white sequin belt sweetheart mini dress

white sequin belt sweetheart mini dress

Not all gold heels outfits are high-profile and eye-catching. Here is one that looks very balanced and beautiful. Wear a white mini dress with a sweetheart sequin neckline and a narrow gold belt. Combine the beautiful dress with gold peep toes to complete this fantastic white and gold look. You can even take the outfit to the next level by wearing a white sequined clutch bag.

Wear the bodycon mini dress with a gold sequin V-neckline

Bodycon mini dress with gold sequin V-neck

This is one of the most shiny outfits that you have ever seen. It’s another gold-on-gold outfit. But this time the dress is a gold bodycon mini dress with sequins and a V-neck. Combine it with gold metallic peep toes for an attention-grabbing, all-gold look.

Bodycon dress made of dark purple lace with gold peep toes

dark purple lace bodycon dress gold peep toes

As mentioned earlier, one of the easiest and safest ways to wear the gold heels is to simply pair them with a solid color dress. As another example, wear a dark purple bodycon mini dress. Team it with gold strappy peep toes to complete this simple yet elegant outfit.

Gold heels with a dark green turtleneck

golden, dark green, figure-hugging dress with turtleneck sweater

This is a beautiful two-layer dress. The inner layer is a black tube mini dress while the outer layer is a dark green maxi dress with a turtleneck sweater. Combine the dreamy dress with a pair of gold peep toe heels with ankle straps for a remarkably classy look.

Orange sweetheart neckline dress with gold heels

Orange Sweetheart Neckline Dress Gold Heels

It’s very interesting to see that the combination of the gold heels with an orange dress can actually look that good. To achieve this look, wear a bodycon dress with an orange neckline and gold peep toes. Better yet, carry a sleek gold clutch handbag to add even more appeal to the outfit.

Hope you enjoy the gold peep toe heels outfit ideas I shared with you above. After seeing all of these tricks, you should find that the gold heels aren’t as difficult to style as they might seem at first glance. Just give them a try and see if they suit you well.

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