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Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Many homeowners are renovating their homes to either improve the value of their homes before putting them up for sale, or they just want a fresh start. The bathrooms are one of the most renovated and renovated spaces in most homes. Upgrading your shower changes the whole look of your bathroom by giving it a nice change.

Frameless glass shower doors

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Glass products are becoming popular for the day and homeowners are eager to increase the appeal of their homes by using them. We talk about glass bathroom cabinets and for example a glass shower door. The benefits of glass shower doors are many. They are easy to clean, have many styles, are flexible and appeal to your bathroom. When it comes to style, you have plenty of options to choose from. The hardware: it is brass, wood or stainless steel. It is also possible to choose a framed or frameless shower door.

A frameless shower door is preferred by the people who love minimalist style. The door is supported by clips, and for that reason it is usually designed thicker than the framed doors. As you might expect, frameless doors have both pros and cons.

Benefits of frameless doors in glass

The advantages of glass shower doors are many, for example:

  1. They are good looking

Frameless glass shower doors

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Look around, even on the homecoming sites, there is a specific thing that you will notice. Every home that is published to market furniture, flooring, and other furnishings has one thing in common: they are minimalist. The minimalist trend is taking the market by the wave and you do not want to stay. You can join the bandwagon by upgrading your shower door. Framed glass shower doors are popular as their benefits are plentiful.

If you put your house up for sale, install a frameless one sliding glass shower door will immediately increase its value, and you will earn more profits from the sale. The beauty of this style is that it is not limiting. Using hardware as a wooden frame or other material can get rid of a buyer. Remember that the taste is different. A buyer may prefer stainless steel to a wooden frame. A frameless door is neutral, and the buyer has no excuse not to buy your house.

This does not have to be about the buyer either. You may want to renovate your bathroom for your own satisfaction. A frameless glass door gives you the flexibility to use any type of interior you want. You don't have to worry about mixing your hardware with your decorations.

  1. No corrosion or decay

Frameless glass shower doors

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Every homeowner fears the day they enter their bathroom just to be welcomed by traces of rust on their shower doors. Note that most of the framed glass doors are made of metal. Given that the environment is filled with moisture, it is only expected that the door frame will eventually corrode.

Corroded hardware makes your bathroom look old and ugly. If the metal is corroded, you will eventually have to replace it. If you replace it with metal again, the cycle continues. The process is expensive and no one wants to continue to spend replacing shower doors. To solve this, use a sustainable alternative. The beauty of a frameless door is that you will never have to deal with corrosion. Wooden frames are also susceptible to decay. Wood is expensive, and regular replacements create a dent in your finances. A frameless glass front door has more life and helps you save money.

  1. Double your space

Frameless glass shower doors

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Glass and mirrors have a way of making a room airy and appear spacious. If you still use shower curtains, it's time for you to release them. Shower curtains are usually not transparent and make your bathroom look smaller. If you have a small bathroom, you should work with nothing less than a glass door. A frameless glass door divides your room, just because it will feel larger.

  1. Make sure mold does not grow in the bathroom

Frameless glass shower doors

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The humidity and heat in your bathroom are sufficient conditions for mold to grow in your bathroom. Mold spores grow in a humid environment and the chance of mold growing in your bathroom increases every time you take a shower. Should you be worried about mold growing in your bathroom? Absolutely! Note that black mold is toxic to your family members. The moment they come in contact with it, they will experience dizziness, nausea, headaches, rashes and other allergies. It may reach a point where you are forced to move out so that the mold is removed. Don't wait for the time to come: install a frameless shower door.

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The fewer hardware, the less available molds. Framed doors have water that accumulates around the seals, creating a perfect environment for growing mold.

  1. Easy to clean

Frameless glass shower doors

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It is easier to keep a frameless door clean than a framed door. Remember that the only place where you clean the glass. All you need is glass polish and you will have a shower door that always looks perfect. Framed doors have hardware that may require different materials for cleaning. The process is a bit tedious and takes more time.

Disadvantages of glass shower front

While shower doors have more benefits than framed, they also have some setbacks. The best part is that you can always work with them. The disadvantages are mostly prone to pricing and ownership costs. Here are insights on the problems you are likely to encounter with glass shower doors.

  1. They are expensive

Frameless glass shower doors

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Considering all the benefits you get from frameless glass doors; you can only expect them to have a high price tag attached. We talk about easy cleaning, appeal and durability. A frameless glass door is generally more expensive than the framed.

First, remember that the glass used for a frameless glass door is usually thicker than that of the framed counterparts. It only affects the price. This makes the frameless glass shower door unsuitable for homeowners working on a strict budget. It is quite restrictive. Also remember that the original cost of the door is not the only thing you will be looking at.

The best part is that when you choose to invest in this you will not regret it. The investment will pay off. Buyers are looking for a modern and upgraded home. Your home will probably stay on the market for a shorter period of time than one that has the traditional framed doors. You also do not have to spend on removal of mold services. It will also take a while before the need to replace the door.

As much as frameless glass doors are expensive, look at the bigger picture. The investment will be worth every dollar you share.

  1. Shattering due to heat

Frameless glass shower doors

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This is a very rare event. It is worth noting that glass shower doors are usually made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is four times stronger than regular glass. This means that it can withstand more than heat. Again, this happens on very rare occasions. What you need to do is make sure that the glass used to make the door is of high quality. With that, you will never have to worry about the door cracking regardless of water temperature.

  1. Water spills and leaks

Frameless glass shower doors

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The other disadvantage of glass-free glass shower doors is that water is likely to come out of your bathroom. As mentioned before, the frames and seals usually catch water. While it can cause problems such as corrosion and mold growth, it protects the outside from spillage to some extent.

Frameless doors have shutters that easily let out water. However, this is something you can work on. The trick is to get the shower head away from the door. This way you can keep the water inside the bathroom. Having the glass cut to an exact size will also prevent this problem: there are no unwanted spaces. Keeping your shower door closed when you take a bath will also ensure that the water does not spread to areas where it is not needed.

When your friends visit, your bathroom and kitchen are the areas they will focus more on. The same goes for buyers. If you want to increase the market value of your home, your bathroom should be renovated. Framed glass shower doors are versatile and flexible and can adapt to all home designs on ARCHITECTURE DEVELOPMENT. Make sure you choose quality products and hire a skilled professional to do the installation for you. This elegant shower door gives you an experience of life. Practice proper maintenance and you can be sure that the door will serve you for the longest time.

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