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Coolest Ideas for Christmas Party

Coolest Ideas for Christmas Party

Poster for a selfie, covers bright and shiny garlands – tell you how to decorate the interior when it's time decor is almost gone. Let this coolest ideas for a Christmas party 2016 you remember a long time, preferably all year

Christmas works often distract the most important for the preparation of the party is just one day. Don't panic: to decorate the house and surprise the guests, it takes you two or three hours. Tell me what to make of an unusual wreath, how to decorate a party table and where to put the tree. And create a brilliant poster for a selfie – so there's no doubt that your party was fantastic.

The attributes of Christmas party

Do not necessarily buy in the store as they can be made by hand. For example, party hat you need scissors, cardboard, glue, a few sparkles and a little bit of glitter. The job only takes a few minutes, and the guests will be happy!

Are you looking for an easy and quick way to decorate the house for the Christmas party? Make an unusual garland of pasta bows. Just tie yourself to a thin rope, add a sequin – you can safely hang it Christmas tree wreath instead of glitter.

Make light crackers. As a skeleton, you can use the sleeve from the toilet paper – it will get the cracker shape. Use tape, colored paper and foil for the cover. You can also decorate cracker with tinsel. Most importantly, don't forget to put confetti inside or a sweet surprise.

Surprise your guests and make the original bucket for cold drinks. This doesn't necessarily have a "five" at work: you will need a shape, a freezer and some light berries – Rowan, for example.

In European countries it is common to decorate a Christmas wreath. Why coolest ideas for a Christmas party 2016 Don't learn from this good tradition, especially the wreath you can make from a scarf, sweets, family photos and even conventional clothes hangers.

Cocktails not only need to be able to cook, but also send properly. Decorate your glasses with Christmas-style drinks: for example, place each of them in a tube with a star-lined foil or sequins.

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