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Black Off The Shoulder Dress

For an absolutely beautiful yet minimalist look, an off the shoulder black dress is a good choice. The best way to style the black off shoulder dress is to wear it as part of a minimal outfit. This means that there are no jackets, no vests and no scarves. You just need to choose the right shoes and accessories that match the cut of the dress you are wearing. To give you some more specific ideas, I’ve compiled a list of gorgeous outfit ideas for black off the shoulder dresses. Let’s look at them.

Black off shoulder baby doll dress

black off the shoulder baby doll dress

I’ll start this list with an adorable look. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a black, short-sleeved, strapless baby doll dress. Wear it with black boho style sandals and a lovely black handbag to complete this lovely and airy look.

Black strapless dress with an additional layer over the chest


This outfit is more elegant and perfect for dating. Wear an off the shoulder black bodycon midi dress with nude heeled sandals to look chic. The dress has an extra layer around the chest area. This is a small detail that makes the dress look more elegant and it can also be used as a cover for women with a flat chest.

Black strapless mini dress with choker

black strapless mini dress with collar

This outfit is a perfect demonstration of how to style a choker. The outfit consists of a strapless black dress and black suede strappy heels. Wear a black choker to match the strappy design in the shoes. This choker gives the outfit a lot of character and takes the outfit to the next level.

Long-sleeved, figure-hugging dress without shoulder

long-sleeved, strapless, figure-hugging dress

For a more feminine and mature look, you can wear an off the shoulder knee length dress with long sleeves. Pair it with black strappy sandals. That would have been a nice looking outfit. However, if the goal is to look a little more mature and powerful, wear a statement necklace to add the finishing touches.

One shoulder scallop hem Black dress

Scallop hem off the shoulder black dress

In most cases, the scallop hem will apply to the bottom edge of a dress, but this is unique and will appear on the top edge of the dress. You can wear this special looking black flare dress with just black heels and the result is an amazing minimalist look.

Maxi high split black dress

Maxi high split black dress

This is another outfit that will make you look more ladylike and mature. Just for the sake of clarity, my definition of ripe has nothing to do with age. When I say ripe I am referring to the depth and wisdom in a self. Anyway, back to that outfit, it consists of a black off the shoulder maxi high split dress with nude heeled sandals. In general, a maxi dress like this looks better on taller women and a mini dress or even a babydoll dress looks better on petite women. But as long as you have a good relationship, the amount doesn’t matter that much.

Black strapless ruffle mini dress

black strapless ruffle mini dress

Sometimes it’s the little details that make the outfit more remarkable. This off-the-shoulder, figure-hugging dress in black has a ruffled design at the top. This makes the dress look more elegant and the women with flat chests look more confident. A pair of black strappy ballerina shoes will bring this outfit together.

Black ruffled dress with a fit and flare

black fit and flare ruffled dress Miroslava Duma

For a nice and refreshing look, a dress with a fit and flare is often a good choice. As an example, you can wear this black off the shoulder fit and fluffy ruffle dress with brown heeled sandals for a glamorous look. Wear a subtle choker necklace to add an elegant touch.

Wear with Black Felt Hat & Strappy Flip Flops

black felt hat strappy flip flops

For an artistic and eye-catching look, you can wear a black strapless dress with a black felt hat and black knee-length gladiator flip-flops. Not only are the pieces put together perfectly, the details are so beautiful that this outfit is so remarkable.

Black off shoulder sweater dress

Black off shoulder sweater dress

For a ladylike and fragile look, you can wear a black strapless sweater dress. Just pair it with black suede ballet heels to complete the minimalist outfit. A knitted sweater dress rarely creates a beautiful and fragile look. You should definitely wear it if you haven’t tried it already. The result is amazing.

Black shift dress with gladiator sandals

black sheath dress gladiator sandals

Here is another outfit that includes the gladiator sandals. These type of sandals work best with an airy dress or a boho-style dress. Wear it, for example, with a black off the shoulder shift dress for an airy and reserved sexy look.

Black strapless sheath dress with suede heel

black strapless sheath dress suede heels Taylor Swift

A black dress and black heels are a simple combination that is timeless. It’s a minimal outfit that just looks stunning when you have nice body proportion. By the way, everyone can be fit if he or she makes an effort. As can be seen in the picture, a simple black off the shoulder sheath dress and black suede heels make a fantastic looking outfit.

Black dress with ruffled sleeves

black dress with ruffled sleeves

Again, it’s the little detail that sets this outfit apart from the rest. The black off-the-shoulder dress has gathered sleeves. That kind of makes the strapless design more natural. Instead of wearing black shoes, wear white open-toe platform heels for a more artistic black and white look.

Off-the-shoulder dress with a button in the front

Button front off shoulder dress

This strapless dress has a very interesting button-facing design. You can easily pair this black midi dress with black open toe heels with ankle straps for a sleek look. If you’d like to see more outfit ideas for similar shoes, check out our blog post on wearing black heels with ankle straps.

Long sleeved black lace dress with a fit and flare

long sleeved black lace dress and flared dress

Lace is something that makes you look sexy and beautiful without having to show your skin. This black off the shoulder fit and flare dress is a good example of the beautiful use of lace. You can simply wear the dress with black open-toed heels.

So, here are the black strapless outfit ideas that I would like to share with you. Make sure to try some of the outfits if you think they would suit you well. Typically, you only have 5 seconds to take action when trying new things. If you don’t take any action within 5 seconds, you’ll usually return to your comfort zone. Anyway, have fun styling.

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