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Antique Wooden Sideboards & Buffet

Antique Wooden Sideboards & Buffet Tables

Side tables are one of the accessories that your bedroom decor requires a lot. It is not only a piece of furniture but also an important storage space or a decoration. Many furniture designers are there who have their own collection of beautiful furniture. Search the internet and choose the best one that appears on the internet. You would definitely find something that fits into your house. When choosing the piece, make sure you think about the aura of the interior.

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The first on our list contains a simple and traditional one. Here the design has two distinct parts; the upper has white-colored drawers and the lower has the wooden-colored part. The lower part has no storage facility but gives a wonderful healthy look.

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This side table is a type of designer in nature. The table is actually made of three different materials. Here the left part has a white wooden finish with some gaps. The slots are of different sizes and mirrors are places in these slots that give a distinct look on the other side of the room through the mirror. The rest of the side table has three horizontal drawers above each other with wooden finish.

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This buffet table comes with four wheels underneath. So you can place it anywhere you want. It has several horizontal drawers for storing your crockery and cutlery. The metallic look gives a wonderful finish in the room and thus fits perfectly ideas for designing buffet tables list. The metallic surface treatment also ensures that if some liquid or sauce flows out, you can easily wipe it off!

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This is a perfect side table with a wooden console underneath and gives the table full support. The highest part has open shelves. There are three big fat giant shelves for you and you can store your wool or towels in them. The remaining two parts have three horizontal drawers in each. These boxes are differentiated from each other with different colored wooden blocks. The entire finish is breathtaking and fits wonderfully with the interior of your house.

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The next one can also be used as a shoe cabinet or side table. This is very low and the small and thin legs do not allow heavy things to be stored in them. So shoes would be the perfect thing to keep in them. The wood finish gives a wonderful look to the interior.

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This wooden side table is perfect for storing food and banging it. It also has a separate space for storing liquor bottles. The square blocks are made to store beer and wine in general. If you want, you can also place some other liquor bottles as well.

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This side table is made of black material and gives a clean finish to your room. To make it the center of the room, you must have a wonderful and clean finish in the room. When you keep such cabinets and tables in your room, you need to make sure that you will have the same type of furniture throughout the room.

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This special side table is the thinnest and doesn't serve many purposes except for a beautiful showpiece in the room! The whole thing is made of forests in different shades. You can place some pots and wooden items on it to give it a nice finish.

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The antique wooden sideboard has three drawers in succession; side by side. The legs on the table also have a distinct look and wonderful wood finish. The whole antique feel gives a wonderful feeling and you can easily place it in your room and it will increase the artistic ratio of your room for sure.

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Next on this list of wooden rails design is an ash-colored wooden side table with three other sections. The top section has three boxes side by side. The middle section is a type of mesh. You can easily store your favorite books here. The lower part is a fixed block. You can place some artistic interior designs here. At the top you can place flower vases or photo frames of your choice.

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Buffets are used exclusively in the dining room, while side tables have greater flexibility. Another difference between side tables and buffets is their leg construction. Buffets usually have long legs that hold a series of cabinets or drawers for storage designs at www.thearchitecturedesigns.com.

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